night owl

hey hey I'm back lol haha lately I have been busy at work. I have a big exam in Sep so I need to study for it since my bosses will know the result before me see? i have to study a lot lol

in Aug, I will get my week off, like summer vacation. since I am the new one, i can't get the same one as my family's so I will be a bit alone in that week. that sucks but a week off is always good so its okay :p hope my friends take the same week off or something. if someone had the same vacation, I would love to go travel :-) tee hee. that would be a good idea. maybe next one I will ask someone to travel with :)

this weekend, me and mom are going to Nagasaki! yeah, Kevin will be there :0) my mom is so excited about the trip and also getting to see Kevin again, her Kevin :o) tee hee :) yay! now its been raining there, so let's hope its not raining this weekend :p

time for studying again. Ciao!

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shower me with your love

the title is not what I'm going to write today lol but I just wanted to make it my title :)

today I drove a bit and then it made my day worse. I know I'm not that good at driving and I don't drive so much. so now I kinda hate driving, even don't wanna try to drive anymore. I was like leave me alone kind of. haha oh well. This week, I lost my bus pass, I forgot a machine on the bus so I had to be late for work, not much work to do, broke the cell phone and stuff. such a bad week. hope its not lasting. Hope you guys have a good weekend not like me ;p

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welcome back honey! yeah one ofm y best friends has been in France for a year and finally she got back to Japan safely a few days ago! so we met up and had dinner together last night. It was great to see her and talk to her, hear how she was doing and stuff. I'm so happy that she is now in the same country! yay!! me and friends are able to hang out all together now! how exiting! yeah :) we talked a lot :) I had tons of fun like always. yay :D Good luck with the account test tomorrow! Have a good night guys!
I changed the background and now its baby one. Aren't they cute? :-) haha thats why I changed it :) tee hee <3

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明日は勉強会!しっかり練習して明日はバッチシ!ってことでtime for workです:D ちょっと愚痴ってしまったよ。

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congratulations on graduation to my friends at UMass :) I love you and miss you! I'm so lucky to get to know you guys in UMass! thanks so much being nice to me all the time. That made me super happy. I'm pretty sure that we are getting together sometimes soon :) I miss you.
Congrats!! hope you guys have fun!!


my best friens at NYC


love them so much :D

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so I made up my mind :) I will try to work hard so that I can become such a good worker! My boss is so demanding even to me a new worker who doesn't know about "job". but I'm sure its gonna help me to be a great worker. and I do want to work. For now almost everything is new so I can learn a lot. sometimes thats hard to go through. its just worth doing, trying! Thats why I'm doing! yay. I have to stop complaining again things. just do it :-) right then I will be fine! okay now I'm motivated :p have a good weekend everyone!


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actually I'm a bit depressed :( I go work everyday but there is not much work that I have to do. I don't know what I have to do there. Am I supposed to be finding something by myself? but there is no business route that I can go find someone who is up into the new pension system, I don't know how to consult, I don't know how to make the rules and stuff. Is it bc I am not that aggressive? but I honestly do not know what I really need to do, more like what I can do. you know what I mean? Some of my friends working at the same company but the different departmenes are busy at work and stuff. They are all like I have to do this bc the dueday is tomorrow! but not me. I'm like I don't know what else I can do. If they ask me to make copies, and I will. If they want me to staple some documents, and I will. Should I keep waiting for someone giving me any work? should I go take another job seminer? job training? Is it bc I didn't take the same one the other promoters took? I really do not know. How can I work? How can I remember work? How should I get work done? I don't know at all. I'm lost already. I hate being bored. does it mean I'm such a bad worker? oh no. That sucks.

I try to look at the bright side, I have time for study, learning things once I get busier and stuff so :-) I'll give it my best. making the best of it. haha okay have a great day guys!

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phone :D

so yeah it was actually my first day at work. I was taking the job training and learning about Defined Contribution and stuff. Today I was at the office and the phone is on my desk. They made me pick up almost every single phone. haha not fun tho. But its okay. I'm not good at it but I'll be okay tee hee :p
Tomorrow I'll have a talk with one of my coworkers. who will be the first one who I'm going to lectures with. so I'm kinda excited about it. After the talk, I'll be doing my job :D I was a bit nervous today again before work but everyone at work is nice and tried making me comfortable being there. I'm like thank you guys!! tee hee :-) work is going to be harder for sure. do my best Yurks! yay :D

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I haven't updated so long again lol I'm still alive lol

okay so far I like my job, new pension system, tax, and laws. Thats interesting but it needs so much studying and work lol but its inda fun so I think I will be fine :D okay so here is a funny story. There is a guy who takes care of me at work. My company makes one person responsible for a new worker, like me. so I have mine too of course. He is a person who has created his own legend. Ther other day he emailed to a girl working in Tokyo to ask for setting up dinner and drinking with girls working Tokyo since he works in Osaka and never had a chance to get to know the girls lol ewww He likes being and hanging out with girls :( oh well. For a year, he sits next to me, I have to go to companies with him, and everything :( that kinda sucks. what a life. haha

I'm going to see Spiderman 3!! yay! so exciting :D yay yay :D tee hee <3 I might get a book or something if its good. okay time for Spiderman :) ciao

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"job request"

The first week as a memeber of society has just passed by. It was fast but I'm tired lol I'm on the job training, just studying insurance which is boring a bit :p so many things to remember. I doubt that I'll remember everything. Guess what? I got put into the department which sells or more like promotes new pension system to companies and personal as well. At the office, there are some guys who look like veterans in selling insurance. Yup, they are going to be my coworkers. They are almost the same age as my dad. They have some daughters who are the same age as me or a bit younger. No lady except me. I was so nervous about the job that I wanted to cry out. But I try to think in this way, since they are veterans, I'll learn things as much as possible and as quick as possible. I bet the job will be sooooo hard and too much on me. It must be worth trying. Do my best, Yuriko!!


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