Go With Your Gut

yeah so this is like the one I haven't updated forever.
I have been busy from work but I'm sure its bc I am just too slow and don't know what exactly to do :( oh well. I've gotta catch up really.

2 weeks ago, we went to Ishikawa and Fukui. The important thing is "I drove too" lol haha :) Isn't that cool? After that, I don't feel so nervous when I'm driving. yay!! My dad drove first and it was crowded and I wasn't ready for driving on the highway but the next one was supposed to be easy to drive since all the time, there are no cars lol but highway, you know? lol but this time, there were more cars than we expected so that scared me a little tho. haha but we came back home and nothing bad happened so its really cool :) yay!
pics are just huge to upload here so not this time :p

Go With Your Gut
Follow Your Instincts
Hang In There

Time to get back work :p chao


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juice up

Hey Long time no update :p like always. The past weekend, I just got back from the States. This time it was only a week but I got to see so many ppl which was the reason why I went to the States.

Its us koichi and me at the Red Robin, one of my favarite restaurant. The old lady came and made the baloon hat.

This trip made me think a lot for my future really. I didn't get a chance to hang out with one of koichi's from the bank he used to work at. There was a NY branch of my company which I reraly could get in somehow. Some of my friends work in the States.

Work. Family. Friends. Japan. America.

What helps me to decide?

Some of my friends, couple started saving up some money for them so that they could get ready for their future. A friend was given the bankbook to save their money by her bf. my friend's sister's bf moved to Japan all the way from Australia so that he could show her how much he had been thinking of her. They live in Australia now, one kid who is sooo cute <3 my friend from the same univ moved to Mexico right after graduation.

How long do I want to work at this company? My department is just special in many ways. I don't know I could go through so long anymore. Somtimes its just too much and what they ask me to do is what I by myself can not. but all what they tell me is "think well"
I want to leave a way so that I can get out of this life then live happily as what I am.

Getting old sucks.


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Happy New Year 2008!

Happy New Year 2008!



you are me across the worldと言ってくれた親友。






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Yesterady was the last day for work this year :) I was so exicted about it. There are some stuff left lol oh well. the next time I go work is only me and my boss oh boy. lol What am I gonna do with it? that sucks I know, should be fun lol tee hee

there is one more thing that I am excited about. In a month, I will be in the States!! omg I really can't wait to get to see my bf koichi :) Hes such a good bf <3 I really can't wait. I think I will go get another NY book then shopping in NYC!! I'm wondering if they are recording Sex and the City lol that would be great :D don't you think? The Grey's is in Seatlle so next time hopefully :-) Today I changed some money. The rate sucks lol $1 for 117 yen can you believe that? I shoudl have done that a month ago or something :( oh well. I believe its better to change at the airport and don' want to be in a rush before leaving. I just wish this time the airplane won't be late that much. Last time coming back home, it was 8-hour-delay. I was exhauseted like really lol Hope it won't happen again :) Wish me luck buddies.

wow there is a skype bottun! i think its brand new? such a good idea huh? cool :) let me try later.

A Happy New Year to you all!

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Thats the only thing i can do now. "DO MY BEST"
I still don't know what I am supposed to do at work, oh well. why its so hard? maybe it should not that hard but i make things harder. oh boy. yeah so only I can do for now is "DO MY BEST" :D :D :D

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love it

this week, i had so much fun, learned a lot in Tokyo. My bosses led me take another week job training in Tokyo. I was worried about me not doing much at work and they made up the job training for me since I didn't take the full training which new ones are supposed to take at the beginning. I learned a lot and found out that what I am requested and what to study, learn more. its not going to be an easy way but worth doing it really. I'm so happy that I am working in this company, this department with this ppl. I'm so lucky. Before the job training, I just kept feeling bad for the ppl who planned the training and spend time for me. they took away all the worries which I had before. I do appreciate it. also my bf, koichi all the time helps me out. his emails make me happy and feel better always. Thank you so much for everything.

On Saturday my boss took me and others to the Hayama Marina!! It was such a good day for yocht!!! :D :D :D Isn't that cool? the pics I took are just too big to update so I can't now :( I love the ocean since I grew up in Nara which doesn't have any water, I mean no sea. seeing the blue sky from the yocht made me feel I don't have to worry so much, its gonna be fine and I am so lucky and a happy girl. do your best! :D :D :D
It was so much fun and I gotta love it! thanks everyone!

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the golden rules of possibility

hey how's going? :) I haven't updated so long again as always lol just want to update quickly.

we went to Karuizawa for the business trip which was fun. hung out with friends there, got drunk, haha that was fun. this is what we did on that night. can you tell what it is? yeah lol :D

My coworkers in Tokyo told me they would help me to work since i was the new one. I think thats so nice of them. thanks. 3 weeks later, I will be in Tokyo for the training again :D yay can't wait. isn't it weird that I'm looking forward a training? tee hee. its okay :D

2 days ago, me and my boss went to 2 companies together. we took the trains for a company but not the other. i mean we got a car.. I was like "am I supposed to drive a car instead of him" yeah. thats what we do. but my boss got scared of me driving since he knows that I'm not that good at it and I don't drive often. so he did drive lol i was just sitting next to him lol thats awkward. from now on, I'm going to practice way more. I feel like I need to.

yeah its September. my b-day :D yay! on that dady, I had much work to do so I didn't leave til a bit later than usual. it made me happy that my bro treated dinner! nice of him :D It was nice. there was a b-day cake at home :D :D :D

this was pretty and yummy :D :D thanks so much for the wishes guys :D love you <3

in 2 weeks, miho, nao are coming to Kansai! :D :D its so exciting! we are not sure where to go, but like Kyoto, and osaka would be better? :D woot woot!

okay so many things to study lol and to do. so should get going :)
love <3

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I love you more then words could ever say

its the first day of work since my summer vacation. yup it was hard and damn tired lol oh well.

i think I'm the luckiest girl ever :-) he is such a nice guy and I love him so much. thats why I updated just today :D yup its enough to update my dairy. everyday I only wish he was here, or I was with him. what I do everyday is to keep making me think that one day we will be able to get together. Its not possible to meet a guy like him ever. hope nothing is changing. luckiest girl ever. yeah I am.

one of my bff is leaving Japan tomorrow. Thats sad, but I believe that we will meet up in the States or Japan. I know he is like no, no more yurkio lol Have a safe flight back home!!

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he who smelt it dealt it

hey how's your summer going, guys? my summer is "work" haha oh well. Next week my company lets me to take a week off. yay. But almost all of my friends take not the same time as me :( that sucks. wish I could get the flight tix to abroad! that would be great :) next time I will try to take the same week off with my friends!

My company lets workers do what they want to do. in my case, my coworkers are always out and they are not always there when I have questions. they just tell me to search, look up by myself. all the time. I know its good for me. Now its freaking hard and it takes forever. I try to change thinking in the posiitive way. since they let me do what I want to do at work, so I can just try as hard as I can. and then they will help me to do that. I don't have to be perfect at first. It doesn't mean that i am lazy or stupid or anything like that. I am in charge of an area so I will try to make it better and do everything what I can do. bc of being a new coworker, I can't do something important or big, ya know? I need to do my job well even its a piece of cake for other coworkers. They have experiences. They have worked for over 30years. How could I do the same job as they do? right :) but I will be able to someday. so for now, I just have to do my best :D thanks my brother! I will try hard!

Have a good summer :D Ciao!

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cart wheel

me and mom went to Nagasaki for this weekend :) It was our first time for a while. when I was young, I went to huis ten bosch and my mom went to the Glover. We tried to go to the huis ten bosch but it was a bit far frm Nagasaki city so we save it for another time.

okay, we had so many troubles in this trip. First, the 4 typhoon!! can you belive that? in the morning we were leaving for Nagasaki, on TV the weather cast was telling me how terrible the weather was and would be like. There were some ppl who left their house to shelter and at the same time, we were heading out the place which the typhoon would be hitting so hard. yeah right. but we both were like "we have a plce to stay at, we have the train tickets. Kevin will be there. okay let's go!" that was the beginning of this trip with troubles.
We got to Hakata safely and we went to the platform to change trains which was supposed to go to Nagasaki. But the annoucement said something that all the trains which go to Nagasaki wouldn't go till the end destination. They didn't take us to Nagasaki but just Saga. so me and mom jumped on the trains. at that time, we didn't know that the buses run only from Hakata station not Saga. and we got to Saga, found the long line waiting for getting money back. yeah obviously there was no train going to south anymore bc of the typhoon. We didn't know what to do. Some went back to Hakata station but we weren't sure even we got back to Hakata, the bus would take us to Nagasaki since it was windy. we were like "what the... typhoon sucks!" an old lady and her huband asked us if we minded to accompany with them to Nagasaki by taxi. From Saga til Nagasaki by TAXI? Are you crazy? is that what you are saying huh? yeah right. 4 ppl in the taxi and that was kinda fun. Middle of the way, the old guy was like "gotta pee. can't hold it anymore, gotta pee" lol yeah it was a fun ride. me and mom agreed that ride was "optional tour" on this trip.
so 2 hours ride after, we got to Nagasaki station safely and finally met up with Kevin! yay!! It was nice to see him again :) we all went to Glover, walked around, had dinner, and then night. I was so tired that I even fell asleep while emailng. tee hee
the next day, we walked the Datch Slope which is right behind the hotel, then jumped on the ferry which goes to the island 2o mins away from Nagasaki city. got in the hot spring, enjoyed the sunny day with the ocean, beach, sounds, and smell of water! we forgot that time has gone by. yeah that was great. We saw the Japan Maritime Self-Defene Force ship. That was cool enough to take pics. Had lunch with Kevin then back to the city, then had to head out back home.

That was a quick trip but we had tons of fun there. Kevin stays at such a good place, Nagasaki. thats so cool. I love Nagasaki. want to go back there again soon.

【Kevin, mom and me】

【bye, Io-jima】

【me at the Datch Slope】

【aren't they cute?】

【me and the huge Aloe】

I had tons of fun. I really do want to travel more!! yay and today monday is a day off! how great! I will just relax, maybe a bit shopping or something since the weather is sooo nie outside. yup yup. cool!

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