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my bestfriends

So it's been so long since last time I updated.
Today I want to talk about my best friends. I do love my bestfriends.

One has just got married.
One just got back to jp.
One got pregnant.
One got her new bf.
One asked me to come over since her husband won't be around.
One is always cute.
One has moved into her husband.
One has always planned to go on a trip.
One is me across the world.
One did go to the summer sonic without me. Lol

They all are my bestfriends. I do love them. I'm happy that I'm with them. Thank you.

Always my family, my bf are my bestfriends.

Just wanted to speak this loud bc everyone is around me, with me and that makes me super happy. That's the greatest thing :)


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久しぶりにも程がある程の日記の更新(o→ܫ←o)♬ 書きたくなったので、今回は日本語で★

今回はNJ&NYCへ( ♡∀♡) ~♥♥♥



今回はgreat adventure, american idiot, beach, b-day party, D&B等行って来ました。ほんとに向こうの女性はsexyなの(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑) 思わずうっとり・・・←キモイ( ´^ิ益^ิ`)ノ  うやらましい限りです。

大学の時の友達にも会えたし、とっても楽しい旅でした。ただ、やっぱり空港は苦手。行く時はいいのにいつもお別れの時間が待ってるのが辛い。no more cry 分かっててもこぼれてくるあの涙。アメリカと日本よ、もっと近くなれーー!思いすぎで、九州の隣がNYCっていう夢を見てしまいました。文明の発達でアメリカまで3時間とかにならないかなぁ。。待ち焦がれます。


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the sivler lining

It's been a lot of things happened. Wedding party, taking some American to Kyoto which was fun by the way, taking a trip to Shikoku which was the first time for me, planning some more trips in summer and so on :) Thinking about future is not bad as expected. haha

so Kevin will be getting in Japan soon I guess. I've heard that he would be in Nagano not Nagoya. Me and my mom are thinking to go up to Nagano to get to see him :D It's been a while so we all got excited for him to come to Japan. yay!

in 3 days, I will be 3-year-worker. How crazy is it? I have to be more confident and think about things more and more. It's going to be way harder but it's worth trying and that's what I do here.

Time for bed. ciao

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up in the air

so it's my first time to update in 2009! woot :p sorry being lazy.

today, I'm going to put the pic on here since I went to San Fran with Koichi. It was sooo much fun :D He is great as always, we had so much fun together :D such a great place :D I love SF!! Thats such a coincidence that my mom went to San Fran when she was 24 for her honeymoon, this time I went to San Fran and I am 24. Can you believe? what a coincidence!!


me and Koichi at the Golden Gate Bridge!!

I was going to update more pics but they didn't let us, oh well lol
I really had a great time over there :) Koichi took me to Napa, winery and Spa! It was sooo much fun fun <3 I love the town up there :D I love him <3

Pinot Bianco!! I love the wine. You should try it :D yay!

2009 has been treating me so nice so far :D yay! how are you? Hope yours go great :D

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only a day to 2009!

"2008" went by pretty fast like crazy. but its true 2008 was such a good year to me. wish 2008 wouldn't end.

How was your 2008? Hope you had a good one :D

2009 is coming up and i want it to be better than 2008 :D



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yummy in my tummy

so I haven't updated forever lately. My bf Koichi came visit me, we hd so much fun together :D yay :D
me my mom and my bro went to Okinawa, and had a great time with them there :D It was my first time to get there. I love Okinawa. We should go back there soon.
I went to TDL with Yuko, it was soooo much fun fun :D Had a great time over there, I met some of my friends from TG so it was funny and so coincidence :D tee hee
so you know I am having good time these days.

Work has been interesting lately so it is good good. I wish I could have done way more at work, that what I usualy feel and think about.
I will study a lot and work hard that way I will be able to get a lot done at work like him.

This week will be busy :p I found a cute and pretty coat!! I think tmrw I am going back there to get it! Thats sooo cute :D :D :D I love it <3 <3 <3 tee hee

Time to study! ciao!

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Amedeo Modigliani

here we go, I went to the museum of Amedeo Modigliani which me and my mom really are interested in :D it was awesome! Beautiful!!! :D I really had a great time over there.

I like the way he drew and the color which he used. Thats really beautiful. one of his works, there is a lady who is just like my mom lol it was so funny bc the lady was like my mom. tee hee :D


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yeah so this morning, I enjoyed gardening with my mom :) We hd fun, my mom loves flowers and stuff so it was fun to be outside and get some sun power :D yeah the sun makes me think that everythings gonna be fine you know? Its cool, I need to time to cool down somehow lol hahaha

Tomorrow is BBQ! yay!! can't wait.


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Hey long time no see :p
I have been busy for a while. This weekend, I went to a restaurant called Lucky Garden with friends. It was sooo good :D I like the atmosphere! Its on the top of the mountain lol :D It was fun and good good <3 want to go back there soon :-)

Lately, there were tons of work which I had to take care of so I didn't have time, chance to notice, but now its almost done thats why I got time for now. then I just figure that I can not do anything until someone tells me what to do. I can't make my work by myself. I don't have any skills about it. I am just spoiled. its not cool and I have to change it as soon as possible. 2 new ones will be working with us soon. I am a bit worried but there is no time for me to just get worried, so I will do whatever I have to do. Thats why I chose the title today.

some of my friends are getting married :D isn't that cool? they look so happy to be together with someone who they want to be with. I don't know when that happens to me tho. we will see. thats why I chose the title too lol tee hee I miss my bf a lot. can't wait to get to see him in July :D yay!! I started thinking about getting a job which means... :p

this is Sunday night, the hardest time in a week lol haha right huh?
Have a good night


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