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raise your fist

I went to Nagahama, Minami-hikone and Inae to have dinner with Koichi's host family. They are so nice and funny I had a great time there :] I bought a vase for my mom bc that looks so cute and good in summer so :] and she likes it :D We walked around the Kurokabe and then went to the department to see how big it was and stuff. we found the most stupd game ever lol that was about the vaulting horse. actually that was a TV game but we are supposed to carry the hundle and then there was a mat on the ground and put your foot on it and then just go run and then grab the hundle when you want to jump and touch the boxes. but me and kocihi tried so hard but we couldn't make it but that was funny :D I wish I had that one in my house right now and then I would never get bored anymore haha! yea I had a great time there :) yay Xd) tomorrow I'm going to hang out with Heather
Koichi will be leaving in a few weeks and I just can't think anything after h leaves. He will not be around I don't know what it means really. I don't think I understand well haha. I just don't want him to leave. so all I have to do is get a job asap and then go work, get money, save up money and go to the US with my mom hoo thats a good play isn't that? haha!


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-07-29 01:20 | Japan  

share a brain

hmmm, I got a mail from a company that last week I took an interview. that told me that I couldn't go farther steps anymore :*( I keep getting those information. Will I work next year really? I just ask myself lol do I choose comapanies a lot? yea I do but not really I mean I try to get a good job as better as I can. but its just hard for me and sometimes I can't help without thinking that I am useless. yea I know I shouldn't say that but that's what I feel lately. thats sad but I do believe there is a company that I want to get a job and which wants to hire me so I will be fine. I hope so at least.

too hot yea. Thursday my friend is coming to Osaka so we will hang out, Friday I'll come to see Koichi. Saturday I'll meet up the friend again in Nara and then Sunday I'll go Osaka with koichi and have a dinner with friends :D I have to work on job-hunting a lot, I have to get something done before that. I'll have applied some other companies that I'm interested in. yea thats not easy for me to get but I just need to try hard :D

ok, I'd better go see ya :D

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今日UMassから送った荷物が全て到着しました☆やったぁ!何だか懐かしくって楽しかった☆もうこんな自分で詰めた荷物さえも来ないかと思うと、やっぱ帰りたくなるね笑 でもやっぱ納得いくまで頑張るっちゃ。

明日はフランスに行くお友達に会って来ます☆楽しみ☆関空までsee her offに行きたいなと思ってるところです♪ふふふ☆

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Happy Birthday to my boyfriend Koichi!

Happy Birthday Koichi! yay XD you finally are 20!! one more to get drank! teehee :D Koichi turned to be 20 in Japan! yay XD yay XD I love him so much <3

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-07-17 20:22 | Japan  

damn hot

too hot today. thats crazy :*( so yesterday was great :D when me and Koichi got to Kinkakuji, raining stopped and then the sun came out :-D so many people were there but the temple was great actually :D He got some gifts for his family and friends. That's sweet of him :) I wanna get something for him <3 what makes him happy? hm

next week will be busy again have to go to Tokyo again and then maybe come back on the same day :*( I bet that's hard. okay I'mma take a nap! and then do some work :D yay XD bye for now!

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初めは緊張しっぱなし。面接も履歴書もESも。ミスばっかりで手が腱鞘炎になりそうなくらいやったり。最近ようやく慣れって感じになってきたような。でもここで気を引き締めて頑張らな。やっぱり会社の説明会を回ると、いいなと思ったりないなと思ったり、直感やけど、分かるっていうかそういうの感じるようになってきた!納得いくまで頑張る!wish me luck

yea next week I'm gonna take the exam and the last interview for a company. But I'm not sure if I really wanna go get a job there. I mean, if I get a job there, I may not be able to have chances to use my English anymore. Is that what I want? I'm kinda afraid of using my English afor business. Because I don't think my English is good enough to use for business. I don't wanna make a big mistake that causes a lot of lost. that's hard. haha

I'm gonna take a walk and then go to bed I think tmrw me and Koichi are going to Kyoto! hoo! thats coooool!!

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I was on the train on the way back to my home today and there were 3 guys sitting in front of me and one is kinda chabby, another is mischief, and the other seems to like reading. The last guys started reading and that was an English book looks like Harry potter and something like that. I was like "what? Can he read all of it??" They looked so much fun there. The kids talked to him like usual and then they looked so happy. But when the kid asked the guy reading how to pronouse the word or how to say or something. The other rading kid was like which one? and then he didn't answer. so the kid who asked to him said "what? you don't know how to read English? why not? that's funny bc you are American, aren't you? American can't read English teehee XD" but the reading kid did look like Japanese. I was kinda confused at that time. Then a guy left and there were 2 guys, chabby and reading kid. the reading kid started talking to the other chabby one. and I was sure that he is not Japanese. yea that was funny really. that makes me think that I have to improve my English more! study more! hooooo!

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finally I got to try the USJ! lol I know you go like "what the, what is she talking about? its been 5 years since it was built" yea I know right? since I did want to go there w/ bf lol that's why. haha I don't think its a good excuse thou lol haha yea so I went to the USJ with Koichi, Yuko and Chiho. Yuko asked Koichi if he had been to the USJ (?lol) in hte US and Koichi had!! in Miami!! wao! that's so coooool!! people in the every video speaks in Japanese but they did speak English and dubbed to the Japanese so he thought its weird lol yea yea. Yuko and Chiho are soooo nice omg. they gave me and Koichi free tickets I mean if we have one, we don't have to wait so long like the lines and stuff. That was great :D Thank you so much. And then I didn't know where to go what to do, They helped me a lot and talked with Koichi and I really had a great time there! yay! thank you so much :D

On Saturday I went to Inae to get to see Koichi and his great host family! They took me to the host brother's kindergardern's bazeer! That was great actually. Me and Koichi got several tickets for foods, drinks and bracelet! a lady at the place for making the bracelet asked Koichi if Koichi was him or not. And then Koichi introduced me to her as his gf :) that's sweet! and then she was like " omg where did you come from? Nara? waoo what time did you leave?? bleh bleh" she spoke soooo slow lol and then his host mom told me se didn't think I'm japanese lol haha haha I am! yay that was funny and then me and Koichi went to get his haircut. Koichi was cute there :) and then me Koichi and his host family went to dinner! yay XD yea his host family is great really. The 2 kids are so cute! I wish I could take them with me lol

aw its time to go to bed :) teehee XD Have a good night guys!

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when I went to Tokyo, finally I got to see Chris, Erin, Heather and Jess from Australia! that was great. I felt I was in the USA and UMass with them like usual really. That was so much fun. I wanna meet them soon so bad. They gave me huge hugs that I had missed so bad. They asked me how my job-hunting going and I told them that I had so much troubles with it. They were like you should come back to the US with them. haha I really have great friends there :] that's great.

Every time I open this my blog and start writing something, that reminds me of UMass life. I have started this dairy since I knew that I was going to UMass. That's why I started keeping a dairy in English and also Japanese but. and then I didn't update so often when I was in UMass and I don't know why this reminds me of UMass. I think this has toms of good memories of UMass.

Erin said she wished I had been her Japanese partner. That would be GREAT!! haha :] And she is my English partner haha :] that's funny. we are like "fart, poop, diarrhea, provolone, constipation" haha! We are not gonna learn something important lol but its okay :]

oh my I miss them so much. I wish koichi was there with me really really. This weekend will be so much fun again <3 can't wait to see him. he makes me happy <3 yay XD

okay, I have to go to bed and then tmrw will be GD. heee! gnite

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-07-07 00:14 | UMass  

weekend :D

this weekend, I hung out with Koichi, his old roommate, Brian, and Tyler. That was so cool bc I hadn't met koichi for a longst time. I couldn't wait to get to see him :D yay XD They are all from UMass! I felt like I was at UMass or like around UMass :D that was cool! we went up to Kyoto Tower :D That was funny. I thought that would be way higher but not so high :c) That was pretty cool actually. And then got a couple of milk and soy milk as a sample from the Starbucks :D we met up Tyler and went to "dtown" in Kyoto. I used to go there when I was junior high. That was on Saturday, and almost all shops were doing siscount sales that's why there were so many people in Kyoto. haha. but that's fine. I had a great time there. I wish I could stay longer.

On Sunday I went to a meeting of basketball club. Actually that was about the assistant coach but it will be nothing, I mean we might not be going to teach playing basketball to the students. There are some reasons but I don't know what will happen next. This summer, if I have time, I wanna go visit them and play basketball together. Since I came back here, I didn't go to my junior high and high school. I kinda wanna meet up teachers and friends there :D yay XD haha XD And then maybe teacher will take me to the basketball practice with American, British and people from other countries! yay XD That will be so much fun! yay XD

Shi-chan is so cute. She was like "Where is sister's scissors? please cut this paper for me, please?" She just came to me and said that. so cute. She looks like her dad and I feel so bad for her on that point teehee ;) But she is cute so its not a big problem :D

oh my this week will be freaking busy haha :D but it should be fine. Because this weekend, I'm going to meet Koichi and go to bazaar, get koichi haircut hoo! so much fun! and USJ!

I think Chris Erin and Heather are in Japan right now! yay XD I wanna hang out with them, really, can't wait dude!

okay, Imma go to bed :D night!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-07-02 23:40 | Japan