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happy and sad

2 days ago, Erin gave me a card and cute jewely :) that was so sweet of her. She made me so happy that I was crying. I really had a good time with her. We all the time talk about like poop and fart things. I didn't expect that I would be ablt to talk about those things here America. You are me across the world. It was Japan when we first met. 1year has passed i think. omg time passes so fast. I just wanna enjoy the reat of life here.

Bad thing happened to me yesterday. When I was eating a piece of candies, I heard something wierd in my mouth. I broke my tooth. That makes me nervous and scared. I didn't know what I should do at that time. I just wanted to cry. I was confused. I told that to Kevin and also I wanted to go to a dentist even I didn't have any insuranse for the dentists. I thought it was emergency. the tooth was what I found that it was a cavaty for about 3 months ago. That's sad. I made an appointment to go to dentist and I told that to my mom last night and this morning. She asked me if I could wait until back to Japan. I don't know what I should do still now. I kinda think like I don't have to go now. but I wanna know what 's going on with my bad tooth or teeth. It's gonan be freaking expensive and if I need to take root out, I don't know. I will freak out. I'll see...

Erinにもらったカードとピアス☆めちゃかわいぃ☆(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪最高☆もうちょっとしたら変更できると思うから、絶対つける☆koichi's sister, Martha, Erinにもらったピアス☆変えるん、楽しみ♪ひぃひぃ☆

I don't know what I should do about my bad tooth...

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-29 05:12 | myself  

black eyed peas

yay! i went to black eyed peas concert! that was good :-) I was so excited. we were close to the stage but there were so many guys who are much taller than me. At worse, they were standing in front of me at the first time. koichi kept asking me if i was okay. I was kinda sad bc I couldn't even see the big screen lol but after the fight that happened kinda near where we were, the tall wall moved to right, I could slightly wantched them :D I'm sorry Beckey, the tall guy was in front of Beckey next time... we had lots of objectives lol but it was much fun!

before the concert started, we were watching the big screen. some lines were shown there I thought it was lyrics or something. but I found my name and heart," yuri <3" on the big screen. without thinking, I said "that's my name!!" koichi sent it to be shown :) I'm still happy about that. so sweet :) And his cellphone died... thank you:)
I had a good time there :) yay thank you!

行ってきたよ、black eyed peas のコンサート♪楽しかった☆皆背高くて、障害物が中々あったけど、楽しかった♪(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪ありがとう☆アメリカ初コンサート☆black eyed peasは日本でもコンサートしたってゆってた♪(するやったかな??)あぁ、楽しかった♪

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-27 00:00 | UMass  

yay X-)

my friend who has been in Japan for a semester came ask me to proof her Japanese letter for her host family. that's so swwet of her. While reading, I found my name on the letter, I was like ' that's me!!" Yes, she was writing about me :) that makes me so happy. I was planning to meet her host family to say hi :)
today's exam was harder tham expected. I think i didn't do well. next will be final. I have to study more to make up for it.
Last night, I had a "volunteer work" with friends. That was good. It was about Cambodian new year celebration. I helped sell chocolates, tickets and stuff. But almost all the time. we were talking. that was fun XcD
can you believe that? tomorrow me and koichi are going to "black eyed peas" concert!! time passes fast. we will have much fun there and I will skip an art class with model. Sorry Jake! teehee XD I just can not forget his impression when I told him that I was not coming to the art class. His facial expression lol teehee XcD that was awesome. I should ask him what they are drawing and so on.

koichi and me

Heather and me :-) what do you think is the middle thing? lol

easterbunnysquarepants :)

今回は写真付です☆ユリ的にはイースターのスポンジボブ、かわいいので、気に入ってるんだ☆持って帰れるかな?!あんまできひんかった試験はおいといて、帰ってから、ちょっと机の上の掃除してみたり☆懐かしいモノとかめちゃでてきて、lion kingのうちわとか、オリエンで使った資料とか長らくお目にかかってなかったなものがごろごろ笑 帰りの荷物が心配で仕方ない笑 明日はついに待ちに待ったblack eyed peasのコンサート♪artの授業のモデルを無視しますが、お許しを。楽しみ♪

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-25 07:56 | friends  

happy 420

i took herba nd spices' exam yasterday. That was terrible. i remembered some definitions but it didn't help lol Prof asked almost everyone how's going. when I said i didn't do well, he asked why and also i could come talk to him about the questions that I didn't understand/ yay we have one more final, so I hope i can make up for it..

Sarah called me to see if she could come over. thats so sweet of her :) She is one of the econ class last semester. I def hang with her again soon :)

this weekend, we will have ohanami party :) koichi's sister and her bf, going to her husband up here :) yay XD that will be much fun ;)

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-21 23:46 | UMass  

easter :)

this past weekend was awesome :) It was Easter, and in MA (UMass) we had a patriot's day. It means we had 3 day holidays:) I went to Koichi's home with him, had a great time there. I met lots of poeple there, his frineds :) cousins, of course his family. yay XD He and his father took me to a park that is famous for cherry blossom. Here UMass, cherry blossom looks so pink. Japanese one is known as pink but actually not so pink i guess except okinawa's lol but I found lots of light pink, white cherry blossm :) that was so beautiful. The weather was so good too. There were so many people having fun under those beautiful trees. I wish his sister could come with us. There are some pics of them. Thank you koichi :)

Yesterday I had a midterm and tomorrow, I have another midterm. That will kill me.. suck it up.

Finally I bought my flight tickets to Japan. My mom was lilke " you are coming back!" Did she think I would not be coming back to Japan? lol lovely my mom :) I'm kinda excited but I don't wanna just sit for about 14 hours in the plane. I should find something to do hehehe :)

My best friend said " we should not make somebody who you love worried about us. Our genki make them happy, smile. That's what we are." She is from my high school. I love her so much. yay XD She is cute. I wanna meet her when I get back to Japan :)

桜!満開!めちゃ綺麗♪こういちのおうちの近くの桜で有名な公園に連れてってもらってきました!(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪楽しかった♪ ついに、帰国の飛行機かいました♪27日出発で28日着です♪母が、ユリ帰ってくる!!って。。おぉ、かわゆい、ユリままなのだ♪ 昨日も今日も中間試験。。ひぃ。。疲れる。初めてのエネルギードリンクを隣に、頑張ろうと思ってる♪ 友達が、大事な人に迷惑かけたらだめって、元気でいることが皆を笑顔にするって。高校のときいつも一緒にいた子の言葉。そうそう。高校の時は何も考えてなかったけど、今考えてみるとこういうポリシーやったんや!忘れんとこ! よし、今日はとってもあつくなるみたい♪やったね♪

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-19 22:41 | U.S.A  


I am fine now <3 yay! weekend is around the cornor!
cone, corn, provolone! teehee lol

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-14 14:47 | myself  

cherry blossom

today the weather was supposed to be rainy but now its sunny! that makes me happy and I feel I can forget everything that bothers me :) I mean I feel I'm worried about such a tiny thing. That's good. Yesterday me and friends made a cake for Erin, 21st happy birthday! and went to dinner as Thatcher class :)
Finally, I seem to be able to pronouce CONE and CORN. not exactly right, but got much better, I hope, I guess :) yay!! excited! laws! teehee XD more practice, teacher! lol

Once I felt some people might dislike me, I can not think anymore. I just think I don't want them to hate me, I don't want them to dislike me. So I was looking for the safety place, spot, or position. That's not fun. I should be more active like usual. what's wrong with me? But if friends are nice and make me smile again, I will forget soon. my depression has gone. I'm so simple, 単細胞人間?!I don't know. do they hate me? did I do something wrong? once I started thinking that, there is only thing that I can do is keeping thinking like that. 大きくなるんだ、ユリ。 muscle yurisquarepants. I can do it.

can't wait this weekend. will be awesome XD yay XD

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-14 02:21 | UMass  

who is a good boy?

Sunday, I went to Mall to return my broken suitcase, I didn't exchange them, bc I'm not sure how much stuff I will bring with me. I am sending my stuff so it will be okay. my flight is from JFK to Narita in Tokyo, so I don't wanna carry some suitcases. Today I got a cardboard box and started packing. That makes me sad and feel weird. I remenber how I was feeling when I got in thatcher. I was so afraid of everything. Now I will be getting ready for going back to my home country Japan. I will be wicked busy there lol I will be okay
Here, cherry bloosm has started blooming :) I've not seen them but I've heard that would be awesome. Tomorrow the weather will be good so I wanna study under the cherry bloosm! that will be nice.
I got A with my Econ assignment! yay XD that made me happy, bc I thought I would get at most B. So I doubted when I first looked at the alphabet A lol yay!! After the easter break, I will get 3 midterm. That will drive me crazy lol I've gotta study. I can't wait the easter break. It will be wonderful! I will be coming back NJ with Koichi. He said he would take me to the park which is famous as beautiful cherry bloosm! can't wait! yay XD excited.

snow cone, ice corn, CONE, CORN... English... lol

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-12 15:43 | UMass  

yay XD

経済の小テスト受けて、まぁまぁのできでした><; northamptonで晩御飯して、毎月始めの金曜にある、昔の映画をもっかいやる奴に初めて出向いてみた♪The breakfast clubっていう、なんだかコメディーみたいな、面白かった♪結構スキ♪でも皆が笑ってるところで笑えなかったりして、それは、寂しかったヾ(`L_` )彼氏に聞いても、those are kinda old, old jokes so. って言われ。。でも分かりたいのに!みたいな気分でした笑 語学は簡単じゃないね、やっぱり。

昼から買い物に行って、Erin&Heatherのプレゼントゲット♪Erin にはカキ氷メーカー、Heatherにはpower rengerの赤のめちゃ小さい子供用の服笑 んで、帰宅してからせっせとラッピング☆今週来週にまとまって、3人のお友達の誕生日(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)だから、みんなでご飯&movie night~♪楽しかった☆Erin ままとErin ままのお友達Lucyにまた再会できてhappyなゆりち♪またおいでってゆってくれて、ほんまにまたコネチカット訪問したいなり♡゚+.♛ฺД♛ฺ) ゚+♡.みんなで集まって、ご飯とか映画とかやっぱ楽しい♪和むね♪


love love Erin Heather and Jeremy

me and Koichi, don't look at my fat... lol

Erin mom and Chris


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-09 15:30 | fun