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自分の人生、自分のために、楽しんでこー!! 何とかなるって、適当、適当!Be Genki! 

In Seattle with Kimberly, Rachel :)

Space Needle :)

yay XD my friends lol

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-31 22:35 | myself  


yay XD During spring break, I went to Seattle to visit Rachel, Kimberly and Jay. I had a ot of fun. It had been almost 6 years since we met. At that time, my English was so terrible that even we used a dictionary, it didn't help. Yet this time, we talked a lot and stuff. My host friend, Rachel took care of me a lot. She took me some places that she usually goes and does. Rachel asked me to go to Hawaii together! That's so nice of her! yay XD and also she said if i was studing at Washington univ, we could hang out a lot and that would be awesome! When she said that to me, I was so happy that I was alomost crying. Seattle is the first place in the world. Kimberly and Rachel sent email to me and said I could come visit them again :) yay XD I hope they come to Japan soon :) That will be fun!

After that, I went to Montreal with koichi ;) It was also my second time to go there. We walked around dtown. That was fun. I like Montreal but some of them there speak French that I have never studied lol

Next break will be not be coming until summer, I mean, August?! wow. 2 months left here. Time flies. That makes me feel old lol My father's birthday will be soon. I should send something special for him, what makes him happy? hmm. Yesterday I had an open lounge. Friends helped me out to set and some other stuff :) yay XD I got my exam of PLSOIL today, I failed ><; I should have studied more. next time, I will study more. And I am going to get extra credits too! The weather lately just today and yesterday was pretty nice. Spring has come! yay XD I'd better go. I will have some pics in Seattle posted soon. yay XD

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-29 03:55 | U.S.A  


いつもいつも”まわり”を気にし続けてきた。いい意味でも悪い意味でも。例えば、周りがどう思ってるかとか、ユリの行動で周りがどう思うかって考えてた。ごく一般的に言う、世間体ってやつかな。いつも仲いい友達にも、気遣いすぎってゆわれてて。でも最近は、人の評価は人の評価って考えられるようになった。無視とかそういうわけじゃないけど、自分には自分なりの考え方があって、それでこそ、自分ってゆうか、ゆりってゆうか。当たり前やけど、分かってるつもりやったけど、分かってなかったのかも。ってか理解してなかったんやわ、きっと。決められたレールの上を何の疑いもなく、テクテク歩いていくのが、ユリって思ってた。そうじゃないのね、きっと。色々勝手に何でもできちゃうアメリカ人。こっちの人はスケジュール帳ってモノの使い方が違うよ。あはは♪今日は一日疲れた><;ほんまに笑 4時間睡眠、midterm,洗濯、バスケ、3時間の芸術の授業。。。ひぃぃ><;お疲れ。なので、早めに寝ます笑 バイバイ♪

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-15 14:21 | myself  

way busy

I haven't updated for a week. this weekend was pretty cool too. Last week I was kinda busy of midterms and this week will be killing me. 2 midterms and 2 assignment... OMG. I got the econ exam back. I couldn't believe that. Caz that said I took 92 out of 100!! yay XD wait, is that mine!? yay XD that was really mine! I didn't think I did do well on the exam so I was so happy. But now the assignment of the class pain the butt. It should be okay.

The other day I talked with Rachel on AIM. She's good and I can't wait to go visit her and host family! I wish I can meet Matt too ;) it has 6 years since I went to Seattle! That would be much fun!! yay XD Western accent! excited!!

On Monday I have a basketball game. My team can go play-off! Isn't it cool? On Monday I was going to watch movie. Rashomon lol for the econ class. That's kinda funny. Who could expect that I would be watching Jap movie in econ class in US? Actually the class is comparison between Jap and US econ thou lol but Koichi downloaded the movie for me so I can go play basketball! my member said " we need you, please come play basketball on Monday night, please! That makes me happy so much. I'm so happy. They are from Taiwan and Korea. They sometmes speak Chinese, even I took chinese for 2 years, it doesn't help lol Only I can get is ma? the end of the sentences when asking lol it's okay caz I'm really having fun playing basketball with them!! yay XD Ready for winning?? *) Go Swoosh!! yay XD

I'd better back to work. I changed the background caz I think Spring has come to Amherst UMass!! Go UMass!!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-13 15:14 | UMass  


This weekend is actually pretty good. Recetly I have been stressed out so much. I went to Icescating with koichi, Chris, Larissa and watched movie and got drank. Also I made brownie with Erin chatted ;) That was cool. Koichi and I went to Mall to get some stuff. Finally I got the grains of coffee and paper filters so I can make my own coffee! that's awesome. but still lazy so I haven't used yet. soon >:0)


Koichi and I were icescating <3

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-06 10:49 | fun  

scented geraniums

yesterday's lob was good. we made an herbarium voucher sample of scented geraniums, and learned how to identify herbs by cutting seeds, looking at a bunch of herbs and using a dichotomous. that reminds me of elementary school, junior high and high school. I also found some of my herbs growing up! that's so cute. That was really great. I love that class so much. lectures are hard for me but it should be okay.

Econ gives me headache serously. I'm taking labour economics here and yesterday I had a exam. Teacher gave us some review questions 1 week ago. I had time to prepare for the exam caz of that. after the exam, I felt like " I'm gonna fail" seriously, I think I will get D. I thought I did understand but it was quite hard to write and explain the theory and conpute the unempolyment rate and so forth. That was kinda confusing. I should have studied much harder...

This weekend will be cool. recently i have been tired, i need to refresh;)

ハーブの授業で押し花作った☆でもこっちの人は百科事典とかにはさまず、はいって終わったから、部屋で重し載せてます☆楽しみだ♪先生があんなに綺麗にできたの(お世辞)誰にあげるの?って。だからんー、自分?みたいな。多分母にあげるっちゃ☆geraniumは髪切ってたところのお気に入りのシャンプーの香り☆そういえば、妊娠中だからお仕事お休みってゆってたなぁ、横田さん。元気な横田さんにまた会いたいな♪とか考えてたハーブの時間。 芸術の時間は長かった。。。Jackがどした?って。econの試験できんかったぁ。。ってゆったからか、授業チョット早めに終わった☆笑☆ほんまに、、もうチョット(だいぶ?)勉強しなあかんかったわ。 最近チョットお疲れ気味ギミ。今週末は発散するぞーーー(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-03-04 06:03 | UMass