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My first thanksgiving day in US, first snowing this year and my first snow experiences in US and one more new thing, I saw Sponge Bob movie for the first time. That was great. I love Sponge bob even he could be gay. I went to Connecticut with my friend and hang out with her friends :) i had a great time with them. I met lots of people, her frieds, family, relatives, cosins, cats, dogs >:-D You know what? I just ate too much...

In the morning of Thanksgiving, I found the parking area covered by white snow!! In Nara, we hardly get such a huge amounts of snow. I was excited and everytime I saw the chunk of snow, I stepped and played.

d0033492_171135.jpg friendly, Erin, Chris XD

26th, finally, 3months have passed since I left Japan. I really think of this staying seriously again. am i doing my best? do i do what i wanna do? will i acheive my aims? there are lots of questions that I wanna ask to myself. my friends have been to England, Brazil told me that "3months" was the mark. After that, you DO understand English, it might be pressure to me, but you could listen English as an English not Japanese. I really do not think that my English is good enough, and has got much better... While I really like to talk with friends XD

最近、ほんまに思うのが、語学ってすごい。単純にすごいしかでてこないけど、何かそんな感じ。”ゆり、~~ってなんていうの?”それで、同じような言い回し覚えたり、日本語と英語って全然違うかったり、文化が関係したり。めちゃ楽しい。今日3人の英語と日本語の訳の添削チックした。皆日本語勉強してるから、日本語で書いてる。thatcher classのプレゼンの準備。綺麗な日本語。ゆりより尊敬語とか知ってるはず。尊敬。で、日本語で何ていえばいいかなぁって考えて、時間が刻と経過。これ!ってしっくりくる日本語が中々浮かばん><友達が何ていいたいか分かってるのに、日本語にできない、日本人。。。私っていったい?!日本語も英語もできない><;情けな><なんじゃこりゃ。英語もむずかしいって思ってたけど、やっぱり日本語も難しいね><日本人、しっかりしろ!

lately, i have lots lots lots of things to do, still now. its raining outside. I really have fun to talk with friends. im so happy that we have a talk together. I feel its my place, im in the right place. lol I'll try to make more friends L:-D

Joseph snow boarding

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-30 17:18 | U.S.A  


In this morning, I had a discussion class of Econ 121 US in the world economy. I made a small, tiny presentation about the impact of NAFTA on environmental problem in Mexico. I was so nervous that I couldn't smile usually hehe :( I didn't have any specific suggestions. TA asked us to make some specific suggestions to make something much better. We are gonna make some panels, I mean groups that have same goals and gonna make presentation again><; it would be the final presentation. I'm worried about it again><; でも頑張る!!yay

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-23 01:25 | UMass  

good weekend :)

Harry potter, go shopping to Northampton(20% sale XD), movie~, chatting XD There is the only time that I can escape from HW. I can forget what the HW is hehe:p

Harry potter is interesting movie, but it was so hard to understand... Someone's English had strong accent that I didn't even think they spoke in English. I need more studying... I wanna watch that again, now I'm cunfused. X(

Iwent to Northampton to go shopping!! Frineds gave me a big paper bag that said "20% sale" and lots of shops names. We are lucky!! I got some cute stuff there. I had a great time with friends there XD I like go shopping :D

I really like to hangout with friends!! yay!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-23 01:14 | U.S.A  


今日チョットアメリカナイズされた気がする。人間関係ごちゃごちゃは日本と同じ。多分世界中どこ行ってもあるはず。でも、処理の仕方ってゆうか扱い方がcompletely違う。やっぱりこういう時は文化の差を感じる。相手の事考えるのが、すっかり定着ってか、知らずに考えてるみたいで、友達に話すと”you are too polite"っていう答えが。こっちの人はやっぱ自分のしたい事を大事にしてる。相手が、回りがどう思うかじゃなくて、まず自分。自己中とかなんじゃなくて、自分の気持ちを大切にしてる。何かアメリカ人(韓国人にも?)に”タテマエ”ってめっちゃゆわれてて、始めは日本のイメージはそうなんかぁって、結構流してたけど、今になって、こっちにはwhite lieがあっても、”タテマエ”はないって改めて理解した。そして、その方が人を傷つけない。頭で理解してても、いざ自分がその状況になると、いつもの典型的な日本人に。。。いつもの悪い癖。どうやったらあんな風になれるんかなぁ。。curiousだ。色んな経験かな。それが一番の近道。バスケのときもそうやった><頭で分かってても、やってみると違う。んで、何回か同じ事して、失敗して、やっとできるようになったっけ。。あら、遠い昔思い出してるみたいでやだぁ!結局何も変わってなかったり。はぁ。まだまだ子供。21歳になっても、19歳、20歳のアメリカ人に完璧に面倒見られてる。もちろん、21歳と22歳にも。ははは。。。poor Yurikoって感じ。これから、これから。こうやって、成長するんだぁ。これも一つのstep。

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-18 15:46 | U.S.A  

can't make it

ちょっとやらないといけない事list upします
11/22 presentation about Econ 121 NAFTA
11/28 dueday of essay about Religion in Chinese Culture
12/1 dueday of problem sets about Econ 322
12/6 presentation about Econ 121 NAFTA
12/8 dueday of paper about Econ 322 Free Trade
12/14 dueday of paper about Religion in Chinese Culture
12/14 presentation about Honor class
12/14 dueday of paper about Honor
12/19 dueday of project about Religion in Chinese Culture
I can't make it><; Idon't know why I am taking such hard classes>< I don't know how to do those things at the same time...
はぁ。From yesterday, exchange students can register classes for next semester. I'm thinking to take easier classes><; hehe XD I'm lazy...


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-16 01:08 | UMass  


yay!! I went to NY and NJ in this weekend :) The main purpose was watching NBA, NETS VS ROCKETS. It was my first time to go watch NBA. NETS is my favourite team caz of Jason Kidd. I saw him playing basketball!! and also his child too. He is awesome. I wanna play like him as a same PG >:-D NETS lost the game, but still fun thou. i wish I could watch the game that NETS won ;p Next time... XD

NJ is beautiful. It reminds me of NZ. Houses and atmosphere is kinda similar :) I went to Japanese supermarket and found lots of Japanese things, candise, chocolates, Shochu, beer, magazines, Kimono, and so on. That was fun.


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-16 00:54 | fun  

Thatcher class

Every Wednesday, we have Thatcher class as a language class. Some friends made presentations about caligraphy and we did XD They spoke Japanese so well. I was inpressed of their perfect Japanese.
The end od the semester, I'm supposed to make a presentation. I'm kinda nervous about that. The topic I'm gonna talk about is ,of course, NARA where I'm from, especially NARA PARK, DEER XD it would be interesting. yay (@^▽゜@)ゞ
my long weekend has began!!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-11 14:53 | Thatcher  


Fianally I got a shot of haptitis B at health centre. I was afraid caz it would be first time to go to medical place and have them do something. When I came in a room where I was going to get the shot, a nurse asked me some questions about my health condition and so on. It didn't take time to finish everything (´_`。) I thought she was still cleaning my arm by alcohol, but suddenly I felt sharp pain! She was putting needle into my arm ><; Kinda surprise!! It was completely different in Japan. But all set >:-D 一安心☆ YAY!!チョット大人になった気分☆腫れたりそういうの、起こりませんように☆

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-08 09:18 | U.S.A  

live in a dream

More than 2 months have past since I came here. Still now I don't think I'm in US, I'm studying abroad. I don't know why. "Studying abroad" was one of my dreams. Now I live in the dream that I had had long time. When I was a child, without thinking, I followed foreiners caz I like people from other countries. That is the original reason why I wanted to study abroad. It was not easy to come here. I really thank family and lots of friends helping and supporting me. I met nice friends in Japan and in US here too. I appreciate of their kindness. Friends in Japan sent email to say hi:) My mom called me and talked about dairy things. Friends I met here are awesome!! They are so funny and interesting XD I wish I could speak English much more. Some guys are younger than me but they have their own will. I take their kindness and help for granted. But for, I was not here, dream couldn't come true. I live in a dream. I don't wanna regret.
嫌なこと、面倒なことから逃げたくなる性格まだまだ改善されてなくて、そんな小心者で子供な自分にイライラ゛(`ヘ´#) でも昔からの夢だった”留学”に今いるわけで、やれる事、後悔せんように頑張ろうっと☆悩んだって仕方ない!前に進むのだ☆楽しかった週末も終わって、また一週間頑張るなり♪


Thatcher, My dorm >:-D

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-07 15:37 | friends  

office hour!!

"Your English has got better, I don't think you will have a problem. You will be fine."

That is what my profesor said to me! today I went to meet him to ask some questions about midterm and lectures. At this discusion class , I am supposed to make indivisual presentations twice. That makes me nervous and I'm really worried about that. But he said I have more confidence before, I mean, the begining of the semester.

I will have lots of things to do at the same time again. But now I feel so happy! だから明日からまた頑張る☆☆☆頑張れる気がします☆☆☆頑張るの☆☆☆

be happy!!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-03 14:57 | UMass