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happy and sad

2 days ago, Erin gave me a card and cute jewely :) that was so sweet of her. She made me so happy that I was crying. I really had a good time with her. We all the time talk about like poop and fart things. I didn't expect that I would be ablt to talk about those things here America. You are me across the world. It was Japan when we first met. 1year has passed i think. omg time passes so fast. I just wanna enjoy the reat of life here.

Bad thing happened to me yesterday. When I was eating a piece of candies, I heard something wierd in my mouth. I broke my tooth. That makes me nervous and scared. I didn't know what I should do at that time. I just wanted to cry. I was confused. I told that to Kevin and also I wanted to go to a dentist even I didn't have any insuranse for the dentists. I thought it was emergency. the tooth was what I found that it was a cavaty for about 3 months ago. That's sad. I made an appointment to go to dentist and I told that to my mom last night and this morning. She asked me if I could wait until back to Japan. I don't know what I should do still now. I kinda think like I don't have to go now. but I wanna know what 's going on with my bad tooth or teeth. It's gonan be freaking expensive and if I need to take root out, I don't know. I will freak out. I'll see...

Erinにもらったカードとピアス☆めちゃかわいぃ☆(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪最高☆もうちょっとしたら変更できると思うから、絶対つける☆koichi's sister, Martha, Erinにもらったピアス☆変えるん、楽しみ♪ひぃひぃ☆

I don't know what I should do about my bad tooth...

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-29 05:12 | myself  


I am fine now <3 yay! weekend is around the cornor!
cone, corn, provolone! teehee lol

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-14 14:47 | myself  


自分の人生、自分のために、楽しんでこー!! 何とかなるって、適当、適当!Be Genki! 

In Seattle with Kimberly, Rachel :)

Space Needle :)

yay XD my friends lol

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いつもいつも”まわり”を気にし続けてきた。いい意味でも悪い意味でも。例えば、周りがどう思ってるかとか、ユリの行動で周りがどう思うかって考えてた。ごく一般的に言う、世間体ってやつかな。いつも仲いい友達にも、気遣いすぎってゆわれてて。でも最近は、人の評価は人の評価って考えられるようになった。無視とかそういうわけじゃないけど、自分には自分なりの考え方があって、それでこそ、自分ってゆうか、ゆりってゆうか。当たり前やけど、分かってるつもりやったけど、分かってなかったのかも。ってか理解してなかったんやわ、きっと。決められたレールの上を何の疑いもなく、テクテク歩いていくのが、ユリって思ってた。そうじゃないのね、きっと。色々勝手に何でもできちゃうアメリカ人。こっちの人はスケジュール帳ってモノの使い方が違うよ。あはは♪今日は一日疲れた><;ほんまに笑 4時間睡眠、midterm,洗濯、バスケ、3時間の芸術の授業。。。ひぃぃ><;お疲れ。なので、早めに寝ます笑 バイバイ♪

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やっぱり親って偉大。ユリはほんまに自分の親、尊敬してる。小学校まではきっと、”親”って思ってたけど、自分が大きくなるにつれて、自分の許容範囲を超した、問題にぶち当たることが増えて、そういう時親って絶対力になってくれる。泣きじゃくってても、めちゃイライラしてても、時間なくても。めちゃ素敵な親。昔ユリママがゆってた言葉。子供は親を選べないってゆうけど、子供は親を選んで生まれてきてるって。ほんまそうやと思うなぁ☆ユリの事ほんまに分かってくれてて、1ゆったら10分かるようなユリママはユリのBffやね☆いつもはよく怒ったりしてるけど、それは愛情の裏返しって知ってるで、ユリパパ。インターネットつながってないけど、奈良帰ってきたら喋れるなってゆってくれてるお兄。(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪何かそれだけで、あったかくなって、優しくなれる気がする。




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Japanese and American

New semester has began and I'm taking 5,6 classes now. I might drop one of the classes but it's gonna be busy for sure. I've gotta start thinking about my future, after I go back to Japan. That gives me headache.

Recently, sometimes I feel alone, lonely. When I said " what the hell?" My bf said "watch your language!" He asked me not to swear, doesn't want me to use those bad English. Caz I'm Japanese learning English. But do you know how much he swears?! As long as I know that is bad, I think it's not a big problem. I wanna speak English normally, like American. I pay attention to my pronounciaton much more than before. I hope it works. My girl friends use a lot of swear. I don't want them to treat me as soeacial caz I'm from Japan, caz I'm learning English caz I'm an exchange student. Yet when they were talking about the TV shows that they used to watch when they were young, that made me think like I and they are different. Or how about the joke, kidding, sarcasm, humour? Right now, honestly, I don't think I can get those funny things together. It's interesting, it's funny, but I don't know, for me it's just hard to understand. It will take long time to laugh, enjoy that time. I don't think America is the best nor Japan. The more I try to speak like American, The less it works, I guess. I mean, it is not working lol A lot of phrases that I wanna tell them come up to my mind in Japanese. I can't translate them well. I know those are not the same as what I exactly wanna say. That make me sad and feel lonely. Sometimes I even think the different nationality is one of my complexes. I'm kinda disappointed at myself. I can't think in positive way. How long does it take to be a person who I wanna be like? Will I be able to be?

This weekend will be much fun. My friend who took the same econ class last semester asked me to hang out and also for intramural, I'll be playing basketball with guys! That will be much fun :c)
I have to stop thinking too much, worry too much.

新学期に入って、色々騒がしい毎日になってます。早速リーディングだとか、アサイメントの提出だとかの期日チェックに追われて笑 色々いつもみたいに後回しにしてたらあかんと思ってます。あはは。


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-02-02 13:23 | myself  

Nothing is impossible

Boston Career Forum
I met bunch of people who look like typical Japanese but speak English as realy Americans. They don't have any "Japanese" accents. Almost of people I met there were born in America or grew up in America and the other countries. I wish I could speak English much more fluently. The first day, I got depressed and disapponted at myself compared with them. And also I was impressed by those people. I was thinking that getting a job would not be so hard. Now I really disagree with this idea. I have to decide what I wanna be, what kinda job I wanna get, those stuff.

This is at South station in Boston. Changing leave color made Boston more beautiful :)
This weekend, I really had a great experience. I'm sure that it's gonna be much more important thing for me. I wanna study English, economics more and also I wanna start something new during my stay in America. I met frineds who is in Canada and talked about our lives and so on. We need big goals. When we had aims that was "studying abroad" before coming to US, we could work hard. But now I'm too lazy to do everything. Having aim makes me work harder and it is the time that I can grow up!


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-10-26 16:19 | myself  


次blogを更新するのは、アメリカ、マサチューセッツに無事着いてから☆今日は出発前、日本最後の日。あしたはとりあえず早いの。あはは:p NYで2,3日ウロウロして、UMassに行きます♪

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-08-25 22:49 | myself  


yesterday and today, I worked at one company as a part-time job. I did the same thing all day long. What I did today were this, just putting some parts into the big boxes that were from the left person and put parts and I gave that the right one, and organising the parts, and so on. During the boring job, I found one thing. There are lots of charactaristic, I mean, personality. One person is good at making tiny goods, another is godd at announcing, making us feel relax, being the leader, some work hard without any words, and so on. Each person has his or her own good point that the others don't have. I think that is attarctive, and personality. That are not his or her apperence, but the inner beauty. I've thought what my good point is. I don't know. I hope I have that one also.


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-08-03 01:17 | myself  


Today was one of my important days. It was forst time that I voted. We decide who controls Nara city, who is the mayor of Nara city. Last night, there was last individual address near my house, so I and my parets went to hear that. Before going there, I didn't know anything about the condition of Nara city. I was surprised to know that Nara city has a huge amount of deficit, debt. And we have to pay back. Therefore, there are some areal issues. Now I'm 20 years old,so I have one my own right. Regardless of my major, Economics, I have never seriously thought about the government of Nara city and also the future of it. But now I really hope Nara city being better. I feel the importance of a vote. I'll vote the every election!!


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-07-31 17:07 | myself