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all I have to do is...

getting on the airplane to get to the States lol

yeah I'm done with my senior thesis, handed in another paper, took the interview for a company where I'm going to work at, took the medial check and everything :D yay! I'm so happy that I could hand my thesis in! I had some American profread my thesis. Hope I'll pass :)

I really can't wait to get to the States and see everyone there <3 I might have yo study there as well but its okay bc I can feel I'll be the student over there again lol tee hee silly lol

I was cleaning up my room and still its messy lol oh man, I don't know how long its going to take to be clean and organized :( like forever!

Mihwa and Hannah came over and we had Takoyaki party! They are so nice and I was happy to get together with them :D I coudln't catch up with Jackie. sad sad :( I really can't wait to go to the States, UMass :D :D :D yay! That will be so much fun!!

okay time for walking :D :D :D ciao

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I got it :D

yay!! congrats!! I got my driver's licence finally :D yay =) =) =) I love it tee hee. I got 93 out of 100. I wasn't sure if I could pass the exam since I hadn't studied a lot before. But some of the questions were funny that I was almost laughing during the exam. Bc one of them was like "You should get out of the car when the break doesn't work on the road. Yes? No?" Can you believe that? thats funny and wanna know who got wrong that one lol but I'm really happy that now I have my own driver's licence!! yay :D :D :D My mom, bro do not want to go drive with me, bc they are worried abot me driving!! omg, I know I'm a good driver lol haha can't wait to drive my VOLVO I mean not "MY" volvo :( haha :D okay I wanted to update that I got the driver's licence :D :D :D yay :D :D :D If you need a ride, let me know bleh

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hey I have been busy with driving school, thesis, and part time job. I got some time so wanted to update :D

Lately, I pretty much go to the driving school and then work, school and stuff. I really need to work on thesis so bad but I just don't want lol My thesis will be something about labor market especially in the States. I took a lecture which is called "labor in the American economy" and that was fun and interesting so :D I hope it goes okay :D My prof gave me some infor about the reference so it should be okay :D

I can't believe,,, I have to do a poop check!! oh man! I haven't done that before. I am working at the cafe and selling cookies, and so on so they ask us to do that just in case lol oh my. Are you serious? lol

Driving is fun really :D I love it. I really want to get the licence asap! so that I can go driving :D yay <3 I wish the gas wasn't that expensive :(

okay here is a pic when I went to KG festival! That was fun and I enjoyed with Julie <3


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22 years old <3

yea now I'm 22 years old :-) thank you for the b-day wishes!! I love you all <3

I got a package from Koichi :-) In it, there are DVDs, pjs, advils, vitamins, bandage, candy from Koichi, Erin, Heather, Jeremy, and Chris :-) That was so sweet of them. That made me ultra happy!! lately I have been enjoying the Laguna Beach and taking vitamins and advils, and eating candy!! sounds like I'm in Thatcher!!!! but I'm not :( I love them so much!! I do want to meet them and want them to give me huge hugs!! I need that :-)

Today I went to KG for registration for this semester. I'll be taking an English course and an Econ class. thats it. I think thats all I need :-) yay XD

When I was waiting for the trains, I found that the girl next me was my friend from juniour high! Isn't that cool? yea I know! Me and her were surprised that we run into :-) That was nice talking to her :-) yay!

time for Laguna Beach :-) yay XD


birthday cake <3<3<3

Koichi and spongebob :-)

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Claddagh Ring

Let love and friendship reign

thats so sweet of Koichi <3 now me in Japan, koichi is in the States so we can't get to see each other everyday or often, but everytime I see the ring, that reminds me of him and think of him :D I miss him so much but just hope we will get together soon :-)

now I'm watching the world basketball game final! thats cool! its Spain vs Greek! cool cool cool! I didn't get chance to watch other games. That makes me want to play basketball :)

tomorrow I'll meet up with one of my friend in Osaka ya XD can't wait :o) okay okay time to watch basketball game yay XD

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hey today I called koichi and thats why I'm happy now yay XD I woke him up and felt bad for him but I'm happy lol sorry koichi!

I will go take another interview whici will be the last for the company. When I got their call, the interviewer told me that he thought he wants to work with me together. That's nice to hear and I'm happy that he thought in that way! but there are other companies that I've applied for and I don't wanna stop jobhunting at least for those companies. But the company whichi I'm going to take the last interview told me if they made up their mind to hire me then stop doing the job-hunting. I don't know if its really what I want to do in my future. So I might keep doing the job-hunting. ( as long as they want to hire me tho lol) I know I'm a bitch but I don't wanna feel Ishold of so.
Everything goes well!

I went to junior high and high school yersterday to play basketball with them :) that was good I didn't play like a few years anymore tho but still had fun there. There are 3 junior high kids coming up to me and asked "we want to be way taller so that we will be good basktball players!" so cute! if I knew how to be taller, I would be way taller lol so I told them to use being short :-) and then find one that you can say its yours. No one can imitate :) they are so cute! They are so tiny and smaller than me and they look like baby ducks :-) wait, so am I like duck?! not chicks anymore? thats sad lol haha!
okay I think I'd better go :) me and my mom need to watch the volleyball game! hoo!

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what do I really want to do?

I have been thinking about my future, what I wanna do, what I wanna be. today I got an email from my friend and just thought there is not only A way but many ways, and it depends on me. How I live. there is always next. I went to university, KG and studied abroad. so I thought I needed to get a good job, from the point of salary, condition and work style nad stuff. but who cares? I think I just tried doing the same thing what my friends have done or tried to be the same as others. Is that what I wanna do?
hm next semester, I will be taking English courses again and seminar, and I think economics lectures hopefully. I might wanna get a job at KG and one more. I will get a part-time job soon for a week tho. I know I am busy w/ job-hunting but I think I need fresh air. I am not the person who can relax when there is something that I have to work on hard. but I try to make me relax and do some other stuff. That will be good for me, I hope.
thats pretty much lately I have been thinking about. I might wanan go study abroad again lol or just end up working in Japan or change my job and move to America. Who knows? haha! Thats why life is interesting huh?


cute! thank you Erin!!

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today I was just around at my home with my bro and chilled out. that was pretty good actually. we went to Mc haha that was fun. we talked about why I couldn't get a job so far and stuff like job-hunting. I think I will get on eventually but when? you know haha its freaking summer and today again I got the bad infor from a company that I took a GD last week. BUT don't know why that made me think "everything should work out" yea I just have to search job more and know what I really want to do in my future and stuff. yea thats pretty much what I have to do right now. Tomorrow I'll go meet kids who are goin to UMass next year. I wanna go back there too and have fun with my bf and best friends!! that would be so much fun! hoo they will be leaving soon and that makes me sad, feel I'll be alone. haha "you are me across the world" so its okay :] we are always together yay XD
now I can think I'll be fine and I'll be fine really :D yea yea I talked with friends from UMass and one of them got a job for 3 months but thats what she wants so thats cool :D she is so nice all the time makes mee laugh and I like her yay.

okay dinner time for yuriko family! bye~~~

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今日UMassから送った荷物が全て到着しました☆やったぁ!何だか懐かしくって楽しかった☆もうこんな自分で詰めた荷物さえも来ないかと思うと、やっぱ帰りたくなるね笑 でもやっぱ納得いくまで頑張るっちゃ。

明日はフランスに行くお友達に会って来ます☆楽しみ☆関空までsee her offに行きたいなと思ってるところです♪ふふふ☆

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I'm at home in Japan. yea I came back Sunday night. I got a big surprise from Koichi and others, Chris, Erin, Heather, Jeremy. That made me super happy. I didn't want to leave there. I wanna go back as soon as possible. I found that I really had a great time there with them for a year.When I saw them, I couldn't do anything without crying. I hate to say bye even I konw that its not gonna be "bye".

The night before me and koichi left UMass, Martha, Chris, Erin, Heather, Jeremy, Kevin, Larissa, Joyce, Beckey, Jason, Mimi Erika, Nozomi, Emiko gave me a book that everyone wrote messages for me. That was funny and fabulous. As reading, I was crying lol I jumped into Koichi bcI didn't know what to do. It was hard for me. I Was so happy that they made that for me but I just couldn't believe that it was time for me to leave there. I gave them huge hugs. I'm so happy that I became such good friends with them. I'll never forget them and UMass year. Things will never be the same without them.


Koichi and Yuriko @ JFK

I miss Koichi and my best friends. I can't wait to get to see them in this summer. In my plan, I will get a a job, start part time job, save up money and GO VISIT KOICHI AND FRIENDS IN USA!!! can't wait.

Anyway, I got back Japan safe. Since I came back, I have been kind of busy. I hope everything goes good. In 2 days, Koichi will be getting to Japan!! That will be so much fun <3<3<3 yay XD

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