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big day

Yup, it was my birthday yesterday. Thank you for the bday wishes through everything, cards, e-mails, calls, line, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Feeling so loved by everyone I love. Thank you so much <3 What an amazing start to my 30th year! It has been an amazing 30 years. And it will be another amazing 30 years( maybe more lol ) ahead with all of you guys. Thank you very much.

■ bday cake 1

■bday cake 2

■flowers from Koichi <3

■early in the morning on my bday 1

■early in the morning on my bday 2

■like me and mom


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thank you

Yesterday was a big day. Yup, the last day of work, marine.
I've worked at this company for 7 years and 3 months.
It's not always fun but also so much good memories with coworkers at the same time. They are always besides me and support. I couldn't have had this big day without them, family, Koichi and friends. Can't thank tham enough.
Thank you so much.

May you have many more successful years to come.
Thank you.

■a bouquet

■my office

■my place

■thank you for your help, kindness and support

■yuri's always been on the center position lol


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2014 May Nara

It's been a while since I updated last time :p

Lately its getting hotter and hotter everyday.
Here are some photos of Nara, my sweet hometown.
I'm sure the time will def come that I will miss these things.
Photos always remind me of my dearest memories.
Want to keep them in my mind :)

●Nara Park, which is known as Deer Park

●Beautiful place

●with this great tree

●cute deer, why are you looking at me, Yuri?


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So I totally forgot about this blog lol jk.
Just wanna post something lately.

Feb 2013
Koichi came to visit me in Nara, Japan :) That was fun as alwalys <3
Thank you for coming.
■kimono date in Kyoto

■Kana's Wedding. On the way, we found a huge red bus teehee

■Us being silly lol

■Lunch at Omoya, love this place!

July 2013
I went to NJ/NY/MA/CT :D It was fun again <3 Thank you so much <3

■Me at Carrie's apartment! woohoo! SATC!

■After visiting Saori! Great to see her in NYC!

■Beer garden! Awesome <3

■One of my favorite restaurants in NJ. Cuban!

Work has driven me crazy but oh well. Lately I've watched the Grey's anatomy season9 and listened to bilingual news on podcast! This reminds me of how much I need to work on my English, so I keep working on it <3

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bye to 2011 welcome to 2012

Long time no see. I'm alive.
So til 2012, we got 13 hours now. countdown started!!
so let's talk about what has happened in 2011.
One word


This describes 2011 the most.

Some of my best friends are moms now. Getting new family members.
my host mom in Seattle is now grandma and she is loving being granma. Great.
A lot of my friends are wives. Awesome. Beautiful.
One of my coworkers is going to quit the job to go to NYC for her fiance! Amazing.

my age is about to "change" in our lives. What happened to me? Getting old. This is it lol. Yeah really. It takes so long toget better and also its easy for me to get high fever and tiredness. Gotta be tough.

I had a great time in 2011. Amazing. I got to know a lot of ppl and thats the most important thing to me. Thank you everyone. I'm happy and lucky. Again, thank you.

Best Wishes for the New Year.

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Eeny, meeny, miny, moe

Hey, it's been so long since I updated last time, again.
So earthquakes. Yeah. That is serious now. I really hope everything gets back soon and no one gets hurt anymore. Please. What I can do now is just pray. Please stay safe.

Speaking of the title, the human life is made up of choices. Choices which are made by you, yourself. sometimes its hard, sometimes its easy.

It is not easy for me to make a decision. I just believe that whatever you decide to do, it's your way ahead and you will love the way because it's what you make a decision of. And it will be "the way we were"

Make your own decision!

Sakura season! woohoo @ Sakuranomiya!


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Hey, sup? TGIF. My family get sick all together, I guess my brother is the only one whos doing good. It's been soooo cold like winter back again. I thought spring was around the corner but it wasn't obviously. Hope we all get better soon.

I've read an English book. At the beginning, I thought it would take forever to finish reading bc so many words I don't know are there lol so I was like oh no. But it's an interesting book. New York Times Bestseller. I want to keep reading :) You can enjoy it too :-)

This weekend, I'm going to visit Yuko's house with Emi :) It must be fun. It's always fun to get together with my girls :-) :) :) Emi's due day in like in 2 weeks, almost! wow wow!! I'm sooo excited about it :) She is going to be mommy! yay! Hope she stays healthy and her kid will be a healthy baby :)

Just wanted to write what have been around me lately.
To make sure that being myself is the most important thing in my life. I still do think that I have to try hard and trying hard makes myself a better and cooler person, but just do not want to lose being myself. right? :)

Okay time to bed. Hope we all get better soon. Ciao!

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merry christmas!


ゴルフのプロ(コーチ)がゆってくれた言葉。 ※ちなみに最近ようやく始めました。まだコースデビューはしてません。笑。









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昨日はお友達宅でX'mas Party001.gif001.gif楽しかったぁ016.gif






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the sivler lining

It's been a lot of things happened. Wedding party, taking some American to Kyoto which was fun by the way, taking a trip to Shikoku which was the first time for me, planning some more trips in summer and so on :) Thinking about future is not bad as expected. haha

so Kevin will be getting in Japan soon I guess. I've heard that he would be in Nagano not Nagoya. Me and my mom are thinking to go up to Nagano to get to see him :D It's been a while so we all got excited for him to come to Japan. yay!

in 3 days, I will be 3-year-worker. How crazy is it? I have to be more confident and think about things more and more. It's going to be way harder but it's worth trying and that's what I do here.

Time for bed. ciao

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