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we are back to Okinawa!

We were in Okinawa for 3 days. We all felt like "we are back home, Okinawa!"
Actually this time, where we visited was "Miyako iskand" Which is a part of Okinawa pref, another island. Soooo beautiful. Why the sea in Okinawa is so beautiful?

16th typhoon was coming but we didn't hit any luckily. Great times. Thank you.
so here are some pics.



This is the view from our hotel. Awesome, right?


hotel's private beach. Just beautiful.


miyakojima curry at Karakara. So cute <3


the beach at Aragusuku, the best position for taking picures.


We were here 2012.9.14 (Yoco's b-day)


Miyakojima is right here!


Crazy, so amazing


Gotta go back there. Gorgeous.

Thank you again Miyako! And also I'm so happy that I can go on a trip to this beautiful place every year with my mom and bro. So awesome. Thank you.

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trip to Ishigaki :)

Wanted to update some of this trip before I forget. ( I won't forget tho)
Me mom and brother went to Ishigaki and Taketomi Island in Okinawa!!
We are so in love with Okinawa <3 Last few years we visited Okinawa island which we really love and have missed so bad. This time, we changed where we go. Ishigaki!

What made me happy in this trip is people who do live there, work there, visiters, everyone! The hotel we stayed at was just super awesome. Their service, hospitality are great. Next time I go somewhere, the first thing I will do is looking for the hotel :)

As you know, I'm not a lucky one for the weather. we were there 2 nights 3 days. The last day was sunny out, first 2 days were not like raining but cloudy, couldn't get to see sunshine, oh well. Still sea, water, sky were AWESOME! I have never seen such a beautiful color of blue. It was awesome. I can't forget the clearness, beauty.

We hope we all can go on a trip like this next year too. This is one my favourite event we do. Such a good one, good memory, fun stuff :) Thank you!

●private beach of the hotel :) How cool is this?


●me in Okinawa costume! do you like it?

●Kabira Beach!!

●us :)

●everyone goes up here right??

●@sunset beach!

●like a card

●us with Miss Dai(chan) so cute!

●have you ever seen this much beautiful sea before??

●it's me! so clear!


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This Tuesday, ham-chan passed away. you probably think that I'm so damn but the hamster was one of my family really. He was cute and so my fmaily. I grieve for him.
The other day I got out of work and got back home. there was a new hamster. My mom got the new one so soon since she couldn't stand it without a pet. We live in the mansion (not like "mansion but more like apartment I guess) so ppl here are not allowed to keep a big animal like doggy. but we got new one so cute :) He doesn't run really but just walk lol so healthy lol
Less than 2 weeks to get to UMass! so excited! can't wait to get there :) I have to start packing but haven't started yet lol aww so excited :) yay!!
Love you all :)

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I haven't updated so long bc I was in Chiba with my family for Obon. My bf Koichi went back to the States safe and I'm glad that he made it safe back but at the same time, I miss him so much. I try making me think that it was okay that I couldn't see him off bc if I went to see him off at the airport, I wouldn't let him go and let him get on the plane that he was supposed to take.
My family went to Chiba where my granpa lives then went to beach, movie, driving and stuff. I like there the only problem that we have is there is no internet connection lol haha thats a big problem for me especially now. When I turned on my computer and checked my emails there are tons of emails lol It took forever lol

me and bro at the Sea World


the BEACH!! I love it!!


taken by my mom :D woo

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今日母がケーキとユリの大好きな母の味の一つ、サブレフロランタンを焼いてくれましたo(>▽<*)(*>▽<)o この味ともチョットだけバイバイ(´_`。)きっとアメリカへ到着して落ち着いたら「ホームシック」になるんかな?奈良が恋しくなりそう。あっ、神戸も笑まだ部屋も散らかしっぱなし・°°・(((p(≧□≦)q)))・°°・。


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☆帰省☆ Part 3 ♪横浜♪


Yokohama!! is one of the place that we my family really wanna visit☆ my parents had visited there several times, but actually I had not been there, just looking by high way. This time, I WENT to yokohama:) I'm excited still now:p We went to Yamashita Park, Gaijin Bochi, Yokohama Port Hill Park( Minatonomieruokakouen), Enokitei(ate cherry sands), Chinatown, Red brick store, and so on. We have been there almost 5 hours :-) We pretty love the ocean view :D sooooooooooooo NICE!!
At top of the hill, we found the beautiful view♪ There were some people and dogs who also walked there to see that amazing scenary.
Then we ate Butaman at the Chinatown :) Those were bigger than usual ones :D

Last, we got to Red brick warehouse!! I understand why Yokohama is called that Kobe in Kantou. It looks like Kobe ;p I like both of them :c) In my future, I hope to live near the ocean, beautiful sea :-D


念願の横浜に参上♪めちゃ天気も良くってとっても、よかった:) ゆりは初めてだったけど、親は何度か降りてるんだ(高速から)今回は、山下公園、外人墓地、港の見える丘公園、えのきてい、中華街、赤レンガ倉庫行って、海辺の横を散歩した♪最高☆将来絶対綺麗な海の近くに住みたい:~)

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-08-18 20:23 | family  

☆帰省☆ Part 2 ♪東京♪

d0033492_18213468.jpgAfter the event, I went shopping to Shibuya, Ginza with my mom and brother. There were lots of people who were enjoying shopping. We also had a good time there. We bought a lot :) I really like go shopping (window shopping?!) :D We went to "Dalloyau" that sells famous sweets. It's soooooo delicious XD I love it. Then we went to Kyukyodo that is known as the typical Japanese store. In the store, there were plenty of people and also some from the other countries. They looked so happy :0 Mom always buys some incence, letters, and so on :) My American friend loves those Japanese things so I wanna give some for her when we meet at Seattle!!
d0033492_18192553.jpg渋谷と銀座にお出かけ♪夏休みだからかな?めちゃ人多かった:( 買い物ってホンマ楽しい☆見てるだけでもね♪銀座でずっと行きたかったDalloyauっていうおいしいお菓子やさんに、行ってきました☆もぉ、おいしいのぉ♪やっぱ有名なだけあるね☆最高!それで、鳩居堂へ行って、日本らしさを満喫:)外国人も沢山買い込んでました。シアトルのお友達に日本のお土産としてあげようと思ってる☆喜んでくれますように(^^)/
渋谷と銀座にお出かけ♪夏休みだからかな?めちゃ人多かった:( 買い物ってホンマ楽しい☆見てるだけでもね♪銀座でずっと行きたかったDalloyauっていうおいしいお菓子やさんに、行ってきました☆もぉ、おいしいのぉ♪やっぱ有名なだけあるね☆最高!それで、鳩居堂へ行って、日本らしさを満喫:)外国人も沢山買い込んでました。シアトルのお友達に日本のお土産としてあげようと思ってる☆喜んでくれますように(^^)/

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-08-18 18:23 | family  

☆帰省☆ Part 1 ♪千葉♪

My family went to Chiba Pref by car because of Obon. Once a year, dead people come back to this world, so we prepare to welcome them to our house during 13th to 15th on August. Every thing has meaning to do. ex, some horses we put on the table help to go back the other world straight, not crooked and we put some foods for them too. This time, I tried to help my mom to prepare and wanna remenber those kinds of Japanese traditional things as a Japanese. I hope that my children and also grandchildren would welcome me at that time.


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Thank you!!
I'll give this words for Dad when he come back. Two days before, I gave him a present which says " fight" on the bean. He is required to work a little bit longer. So mom and I chose that one.
For me, no other things are more important than my family. I love them.

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Happy Birthday to Mom.
May your birthday begin a year filled with special happiness and all that means the most to you.
Usually I don't help any of chores, today I made a cake. I hope she likes it. If I was good at cooking, I could make a dinner for her today.

This is the cheese cake that I made. I put much yoghurt, so I tasted very smooth.

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-05-11 15:18 | family