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my SATC girls

A trip to Kyoto with my SATC girls :-) Thank you so much for arranging. It was a lot of fun. We've known each other more than 10 years lol We were junior high, high school students when we first met. They have always been there and supported me. Really happy to get to know them. It will be a bit harder to see each other so often but we have LINE, skype, Facebook and so on to keep in touch. Knowing that they are there makes me feel a lot better. Love you and thank you so much <3 Best Friends Forever! xoxo

■Flowes, lovelinks and the heartful card!

■me with the flowers from them :)

■lovely cake


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my bestfriends

So it's been so long since last time I updated.
Today I want to talk about my best friends. I do love my bestfriends.

One has just got married.
One just got back to jp.
One got pregnant.
One got her new bf.
One asked me to come over since her husband won't be around.
One is always cute.
One has moved into her husband.
One has always planned to go on a trip.
One is me across the world.
One did go to the summer sonic without me. Lol

They all are my bestfriends. I do love them. I'm happy that I'm with them. Thank you.

Always my family, my bf are my bestfriends.

Just wanted to speak this loud bc everyone is around me, with me and that makes me super happy. That's the greatest thing :)


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welcome back honey! yeah one ofm y best friends has been in France for a year and finally she got back to Japan safely a few days ago! so we met up and had dinner together last night. It was great to see her and talk to her, hear how she was doing and stuff. I'm so happy that she is now in the same country! yay!! me and friends are able to hang out all together now! how exiting! yeah :) we talked a lot :) I had tons of fun like always. yay :D Good luck with the account test tomorrow! Have a good night guys!
I changed the background and now its baby one. Aren't they cute? :-) haha thats why I changed it :) tee hee <3

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Disneyland and Korea

hey hey I just wanted to update more pics and dairy. Before the graduation ceremony, I went to Toko Disneyland with koba and then Korea with Emi and Paya. I've updated some pics there :) yay! My bro told me that the day before we went to Disneyland, Micheal Jackson was there, "its a small world" No wonder he loves there :) tee hee. I wish I could be there one day earlier jk. I bet it was crowded lol so its okay lol We had tons of fun there , the weather was great not too cold not too hot. but we spent so much money there lol that was fun tho. We both felt great after spending a lot. We are girls lol

And my first trip to ASIA! korea. Emi and Paya did everything for the trip. I do appreciate it. Thank you so much. I had tons of fun with them. We went to Myondon, Insadon, Tondenumshijyan lol haha thats not Korean at all, but I don't know how to write so lol forgive me! We had tons of fun really and I'm sure we will try to get there even we will work lol Korea is not that far at all! just 2 hours can you believe that? haha! GREAT! and you know what? We spent a lot of money here again. felt better also. now I gotta work freaking hard lol haha!


too lovely for us?


headband :) We've tried almost everything that we could put on!


tea!! great :D


fun fun



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farewell party

last night my coworkers had a farewell party for ppl who quitted and is quitting which is me lol They gave me a bunch of flowers and gifts, alarm clock and a mirror. Actually I knew that they would have the fowers but I didn't expect that they would give me any presents at all lol so I was so excited! yay! I had a really good time with them that was great. I don't know how many times I said I wanted to quit but now I'm happy that I didn't quit at that time. The boss was not that easy person to deal with, I mean she is nice and funny but at work, she requests us tons of things. Some of the coworkers asked us such a difficult thing that I haven't done before. Every time I had that kinda ppl, my boss got upset bc I didn't know what to do about it. But now I do appreciate of ppl working there with me. They are such nice ppl. I do love them. We are bitching about costomers and thats not cool but it was fun. I really had a good time with them! yay! I'm sure I'll miss them. tee hee
I was going to update some pics of gifts that I got last night from them, but hte pics are too big for update maybe next time!

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Yesterday Koichi gave me a call <3 and I talked with him, Kevin, Erin, Heather, Jeremy!! yay XD I got the international phone card so I can call them again soon! maybe on my birthday! it will be a present from me to me yay XD I am a happy girl! I really have to make me speak and listen to English way more otherwise I will lose all my English. My Eng was not that good tho but that would be killing me so. But its really nice to talk with them :) yay XD On 7th I made a call to Mattie since it was her birthday! yay XD She didn't pick up the phone so I left a message!! hehe She got my birthday card and likes it hoo! The card is one of my favorite one!

Me and my mom watched E.T. We both cried toward the end of the movie. ouch when E.T. was leaving the earth, he said that to Elliot. That made me and mom cried. I wish I would have him!! I'm pretty sure that I would get along with him :-) you agree don't you?

okay, so today is the last day for me being 21 years old... I should be enjoying today :-) tomorrow I have the interview that will start 10 am and ends at 5pm lol what the... all day long lol and then the day after tomorrow I have a training for the part time job I think it will be all day work too lol oh my. But I think I can do my best when I am being busy. I don't have anything to do or any fun, I can't work on something. so it should be okay :-D

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go home

today Heather left here Japan for the US. She is going back home. I emailed her to say see you not good bye. I know its not gonna be good bye. She said "bye for now" yea pretty much yea. I'll never forget and UMass life with her :] haha! I was sad today bc she was leaving from Narita airport and unfortunatelly I'm at home in Nara so I couldn't go see her off. thats sad. But I think she has met her bf I mean fiance so its okay :] and in 2 weeks, Koichi will be leaving. thats freaking sad. so I'll go watch a movie that me and koichi really want to see, take him to my granma's house, take him to Nara part at night since there is a festival here Nara. and then last night he will spend a night with his host family again. and I think thats great idea and ncie of them so much. Thank you so much :D I'll meet them soon. do thats not sad really. I should not be worried so much. I'm so mean that I wish they lost their passports then they couldn't go back home the States. haha jk.

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yay X-)

my friend who has been in Japan for a semester came ask me to proof her Japanese letter for her host family. that's so swwet of her. While reading, I found my name on the letter, I was like ' that's me!!" Yes, she was writing about me :) that makes me so happy. I was planning to meet her host family to say hi :)
today's exam was harder tham expected. I think i didn't do well. next will be final. I have to study more to make up for it.
Last night, I had a "volunteer work" with friends. That was good. It was about Cambodian new year celebration. I helped sell chocolates, tickets and stuff. But almost all the time. we were talking. that was fun XcD
can you believe that? tomorrow me and koichi are going to "black eyed peas" concert!! time passes fast. we will have much fun there and I will skip an art class with model. Sorry Jake! teehee XD I just can not forget his impression when I told him that I was not coming to the art class. His facial expression lol teehee XcD that was awesome. I should ask him what they are drawing and so on.

koichi and me

Heather and me :-) what do you think is the middle thing? lol

easterbunnysquarepants :)

今回は写真付です☆ユリ的にはイースターのスポンジボブ、かわいいので、気に入ってるんだ☆持って帰れるかな?!あんまできひんかった試験はおいといて、帰ってから、ちょっと机の上の掃除してみたり☆懐かしいモノとかめちゃでてきて、lion kingのうちわとか、オリエンで使った資料とか長らくお目にかかってなかったなものがごろごろ笑 帰りの荷物が心配で仕方ない笑 明日はついに待ちに待ったblack eyed peasのコンサート♪artの授業のモデルを無視しますが、お許しを。楽しみ♪

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live in a dream

More than 2 months have past since I came here. Still now I don't think I'm in US, I'm studying abroad. I don't know why. "Studying abroad" was one of my dreams. Now I live in the dream that I had had long time. When I was a child, without thinking, I followed foreiners caz I like people from other countries. That is the original reason why I wanted to study abroad. It was not easy to come here. I really thank family and lots of friends helping and supporting me. I met nice friends in Japan and in US here too. I appreciate of their kindness. Friends in Japan sent email to say hi:) My mom called me and talked about dairy things. Friends I met here are awesome!! They are so funny and interesting XD I wish I could speak English much more. Some guys are younger than me but they have their own will. I take their kindness and help for granted. But for, I was not here, dream couldn't come true. I live in a dream. I don't wanna regret.
嫌なこと、面倒なことから逃げたくなる性格まだまだ改善されてなくて、そんな小心者で子供な自分にイライラ゛(`ヘ´#) でも昔からの夢だった”留学”に今いるわけで、やれる事、後悔せんように頑張ろうっと☆悩んだって仕方ない!前に進むのだ☆楽しかった週末も終わって、また一週間頑張るなり♪


Thatcher, My dorm >:-D

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There are lots of friends whose birthday are in Sep. Cana, Kevin, Hi, Chiho, Sako, Hiro, Matt, Mattia, Carol, yoko, and Yuri :c) Yestersay was Cana's birthday :) She lives in Lewis, next to Thatcher. She is a なまら skinny tiny and cute girl.

And today is Kevin's ;p He is SO FUNNY!! He is the first person to speak since I came to Thatcher :) He said to me " You are SHORT and DARK" that makes me sad (´_`。) BUT he is funny and teaching English a lot. I wanna be more friendly with them XD

I'm sorry that I didn't send happy birthday letter or email to you guys. Happy birthday to Sako, Hi, hiro, chiho, Yoko, Matt, Mattia, Carol☆ また一緒に遊ぼうね♪

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