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yay!! I went to NY and NJ in this weekend :) The main purpose was watching NBA, NETS VS ROCKETS. It was my first time to go watch NBA. NETS is my favourite team caz of Jason Kidd. I saw him playing basketball!! and also his child too. He is awesome. I wanna play like him as a same PG >:-D NETS lost the game, but still fun thou. i wish I could watch the game that NETS won ;p Next time... XD

NJ is beautiful. It reminds me of NZ. Houses and atmosphere is kinda similar :) I went to Japanese supermarket and found lots of Japanese things, candise, chocolates, Shochu, beer, magazines, Kimono, and so on. That was fun.


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Happy Halloween! Yay! My friend made spongebob costume and friends helped to make. I'm SOOOO happy. I don't know how can I express how much happy I am, how much I thank them XD They are awesome! We went to the costume party(club) and my friend won 1st prize! That's AWESOME!!

楽しかったな☆日本でもハロウィーンもっと盛大にしたいなぁ♪that would be much fun!とか思いつつ、I gotta study again... I have another mid-term. I'll do my best.

I love Chris! he is so nice and really good at mking costumes! Thank you very much :)

This is YURISQUAREPANTS Chris made it for me!! Erin and everyone else helped finish on time. I'm really happy to be spongebob!! Thank you!!

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I went to the friend's house last night, BBQ!! They are realy nice and kind. What I saw there is that guys are preparing for dinner and ladies are waiting with beer and smoking. That siution is so funny. And we did some games>< Usually I don't drink too much, I like drinking. But kast night, I got drunk o(>▽<*)(*>▽<)o I felt well at that time, and I and friends were talking about love. That's fucking funny. I love gentle man★'.・.LOVE~(^▽^(^▽^*)~LOVE.・.・:☆

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Today I joined the bus tour going to Boston!! There became my favourite place. I love Boston. When I was young, my father went there several times, so I have some goods of Boston, but it was my first time to visit. I was veru excited. I went to Quincy market and aquirium and eat crum chauder. That were sooo good, I wanna eat that one more time or more:p

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I like my junior high and high school, so I decided to go there before going to America. But there were few teachers :( They are on vacation. I wanna visit them on the other day :-)
I visited the gym to watch playing basketball and badminton. I met Nozaki teacher, who taught me basketball a lot, used to be a teacher of math, dandy, generous, respectable person. I'm really happy to meet him. Talking with him always makes me relaxed. I remenber the basketball life a couple of years ago. When we had a bad game in Kyoto, our coach was very very mad and scold us seriously. I wanted to cry at that time. But he didn't scold neither cheer for us. Because he had already known that we knew which were our bad points, why we lost the game that we could have won. It was one of the time that I felt his kindness, greatness and generosity. I don't know the proper adjective to explain how much he is great. I just wanna say he is really great. He said I would play basketball there after coming back from America as a person who play in America from NY. hehe :p He likes cute jokes!! And so do I xD

I often had a lunch here, cafeteria :D On the coming of the age day, we hold the party here too. That is one of the memorable day :)


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Osaka King & Tokae festival

I went to Osaka King with my friends. It is the same as the much bigger school festival. There were lots of games, shops and food like ice cream, Takoyaki and so on. We were crazy about getting 44 stamps around there. If you correct all of 44 stamps, you can get the badge of good luck. In the afternoon, suddenly it started raining. We all were under the tents. In stead of the happening, we got the memorial badge of good luck.
d0033492_020083.jpg I found the clover with four leaves, with good luck. It was very cute.

It was too hot but a lot of people were there. How nice people are in Osaka. I like their friendlyness and kindness. Sometimes people say people in Osaka is hurried,and impatience. But they care others too.

At night with my parents, I went to Nara Park to visit Tokae festival. Today was the first day of this year. Nara Park, Ukimido, Asachigahara, Ukigumoenchi were fulled with tiny beautiful lights. Those made Nara attractive. There were lots and lots of people. I recommend you to come to Nara during the term of this festival. Not so many food or playing stores are there, so I can stay there with silence.
d0033492_0251936.jpg I found this beautiful view. No sooner did I find than I took the pic.

This was made by bambooand some lights. This is why the brightness in Nara. I wish you are coming to Nara soon:)



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home party

There was the party with teacher of English and us students of his English class in last semester at his house. We like him a lot because of his personality, charactaristics I think. He is very smart. When I talk in my bad English, he always tries to understand what I wanted to say.

Steve's girl friend, Fumisan was preparing a lot of delicious food. I was very happy when I heard that she went back from the job earlier. Steve sensei said she would be so excited about the home party!! How happy we were!! She is very good at cook. We really had a enjoyable time with her. She is very attractive and friendsly. She likes Arabic music and we tried listening, the 4 cats, it is also same as Spicy Girls in America!! Thatz great!! I wanna buy that one too. You should listen that music, if you don't know.

We played an interesting game!! It required a little English vocabularies. We made 4 groups and in order to make one know the words exactly, the other helped one find out with some gestures, maps and anything you can use without saying. Itz very very funny. I wanna show you some vocabularies we did. Japan, Coco Chanel, Celine Dion, lesbian, 007, white, KLT and Spike Lee , Toto and so on. I like their gestures、dancing, jumping, imitating and so on. We ca use all things in the room to let the other find out the words. I was the last team to win :( but we excited a lot!!

Thank you for your kindness. When I come back from America, I wanna have another home party. I'm happy to meet Steve sensei, Fumisan and other classmates with his English class. I hope my English will be better than him:p just hope:-) Thank you all!!


先生の彼女さん、ふみさんは、早めにいお仕事切り上げて、とってもとってもおいしいご飯をたっくさん作ってくれたのです♪それを聞いた時、めちゃくちゃ嬉しくって、幸せぇぇぇ☆って思っちゃった。すっごい素敵な方でスティヴと仲良し♪お似合いだぁ☆ふみさんのお勧め、アラビック音楽はとっても良かった☆聞いてなかったら、絶対聞くべき!!4 キャッツっていう、アメリカのスパイシーガールズに匹敵する、グループの音楽にユリたちもはまちゃった笑 




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short-term job

I've finished my exams already, just three (^^) So I started to work, I mean, short term part time job. I don't know hot to call it in English. And I was put into the MEIJI company. What I do there is not so hard, just deviding some kinds of goods and put them different baskets. But what I saw there is very interesting. I have never seen inside the plant. A lot of goods are there, and some big machines work out. Those commands are going to the store where we buy them. When I saw the first time, I was surprised. Too big><; and everything, everyone are so quick.
I worked with some other workers, of course we don't know each other. I met almost 10 ladies. Very interesting. There are lots verious people. During the work, we were enjoying the chatting. ftreeter, wife, university students and so on. I wanna meet them again and talk more (>^_^<) The income per hour is not so high enough, but I can find sth in the plant and enjoy the chatting, so it's okay!!


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I like Nara city where is famous as the sight-seeing. These pics are of Nara, Nara Park, Tobihino, Mt Wakakusa. I think almost all of you have visited here once as a school trip.

The deer is waiting to get foods from me. But it's very dangerous to feed deer. I mean, the deer is near to the road where lots of cars running. So I said sorry.

奈良は奈良公園とかでとっても有名な観光スポット☆ 沢山の人が修学旅行で奈良訪問してるかも!?


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Today, I made some flowers that were roses and Sokei. I like this conbination. It looked beautiful. After the practice, I went home and made that again by myself. All most every time, my mom says" They are nice flowers." I'm sure I'm not good at arranging flowers yet. But this time, she said " It is beautiful, seems chilly, I like that one!" I was really happy when I heard that words. I wanna try to make flowers far more beautiful by myself. I mean, I wanna improve my skill of arranging-flower.



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