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the golden rules of possibility

hey how's going? :) I haven't updated so long again as always lol just want to update quickly.

we went to Karuizawa for the business trip which was fun. hung out with friends there, got drunk, haha that was fun. this is what we did on that night. can you tell what it is? yeah lol :D

My coworkers in Tokyo told me they would help me to work since i was the new one. I think thats so nice of them. thanks. 3 weeks later, I will be in Tokyo for the training again :D yay can't wait. isn't it weird that I'm looking forward a training? tee hee. its okay :D

2 days ago, me and my boss went to 2 companies together. we took the trains for a company but not the other. i mean we got a car.. I was like "am I supposed to drive a car instead of him" yeah. thats what we do. but my boss got scared of me driving since he knows that I'm not that good at it and I don't drive often. so he did drive lol i was just sitting next to him lol thats awkward. from now on, I'm going to practice way more. I feel like I need to.

yeah its September. my b-day :D yay! on that dady, I had much work to do so I didn't leave til a bit later than usual. it made me happy that my bro treated dinner! nice of him :D It was nice. there was a b-day cake at home :D :D :D

this was pretty and yummy :D :D thanks so much for the wishes guys :D love you <3

in 2 weeks, miho, nao are coming to Kansai! :D :D its so exciting! we are not sure where to go, but like Kyoto, and osaka would be better? :D woot woot!

okay so many things to study lol and to do. so should get going :)
love <3

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cart wheel

me and mom went to Nagasaki for this weekend :) It was our first time for a while. when I was young, I went to huis ten bosch and my mom went to the Glover. We tried to go to the huis ten bosch but it was a bit far frm Nagasaki city so we save it for another time.

okay, we had so many troubles in this trip. First, the 4 typhoon!! can you belive that? in the morning we were leaving for Nagasaki, on TV the weather cast was telling me how terrible the weather was and would be like. There were some ppl who left their house to shelter and at the same time, we were heading out the place which the typhoon would be hitting so hard. yeah right. but we both were like "we have a plce to stay at, we have the train tickets. Kevin will be there. okay let's go!" that was the beginning of this trip with troubles.
We got to Hakata safely and we went to the platform to change trains which was supposed to go to Nagasaki. But the annoucement said something that all the trains which go to Nagasaki wouldn't go till the end destination. They didn't take us to Nagasaki but just Saga. so me and mom jumped on the trains. at that time, we didn't know that the buses run only from Hakata station not Saga. and we got to Saga, found the long line waiting for getting money back. yeah obviously there was no train going to south anymore bc of the typhoon. We didn't know what to do. Some went back to Hakata station but we weren't sure even we got back to Hakata, the bus would take us to Nagasaki since it was windy. we were like "what the... typhoon sucks!" an old lady and her huband asked us if we minded to accompany with them to Nagasaki by taxi. From Saga til Nagasaki by TAXI? Are you crazy? is that what you are saying huh? yeah right. 4 ppl in the taxi and that was kinda fun. Middle of the way, the old guy was like "gotta pee. can't hold it anymore, gotta pee" lol yeah it was a fun ride. me and mom agreed that ride was "optional tour" on this trip.
so 2 hours ride after, we got to Nagasaki station safely and finally met up with Kevin! yay!! It was nice to see him again :) we all went to Glover, walked around, had dinner, and then night. I was so tired that I even fell asleep while emailng. tee hee
the next day, we walked the Datch Slope which is right behind the hotel, then jumped on the ferry which goes to the island 2o mins away from Nagasaki city. got in the hot spring, enjoyed the sunny day with the ocean, beach, sounds, and smell of water! we forgot that time has gone by. yeah that was great. We saw the Japan Maritime Self-Defene Force ship. That was cool enough to take pics. Had lunch with Kevin then back to the city, then had to head out back home.

That was a quick trip but we had tons of fun there. Kevin stays at such a good place, Nagasaki. thats so cool. I love Nagasaki. want to go back there again soon.

【Kevin, mom and me】

【bye, Io-jima】

【me at the Datch Slope】

【aren't they cute?】

【me and the huge Aloe】

I had tons of fun. I really do want to travel more!! yay and today monday is a day off! how great! I will just relax, maybe a bit shopping or something since the weather is sooo nie outside. yup yup. cool!

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Cairns Sydney

you can tell where I went lately! Yes Australia!! yay :D I went to the country with my friends for graduation trip :D That was tons of fun! We had fun nights, delicious food, pub, hotels, nice view and fun time :D yay!! Australian is so friendly but just being lazy lol sometimes I guess but I do love it :D For me it was hard to understand what Australian said tho. like their accents. Thats cute tho :-)

In front of Habour bridge ( I think something like that lol )


Curanda railway :D


getting to Green Island :D


Christmas in summer!! how cool is that?


we all ate this OZ beef!! sorry Maki chan behind the burger :p

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yay XD yesterday I hunf out w/ my frieinds :D I had so much fun w/ them yay XD lately I have been busy w/ the job-hunting so I tried make me concentrate on my job-hunting. But it doesn't help sometimes I mean I wanted to meet up w/ my friends and talk about not job-hunting only but like you know girl's talks, trip, fun fun fun times thats what I needed recetly I guess lol Today I'll go and take the last interview but its not gonna be my last intervew but I'll do my best then :D I'll meet up with my friend who works at a company that I wanna get in :D yay can't wait Xo) tomorrow is another day! yay DaVinci Code woo!

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ding ding

yay today I got some chances to talk and listen to English :D yay XD
I was waiting for my train at teh station and there were 2 ladies next me and they were talking in English and Jap, one of them is from Alaska and the other is Japanese granny :) I wanna be like her! I am wondering how she keeps her Egnlish and we started talking each other :) yay :) It was nice talking with them :D
When I was on the bus, there were 2 guys dad and son who don't look like Japanese and spoke not American English but English. They seemed to come visit Nara and go to Todaiji Tenmple. The dad was like " do the deer come and stop midlle of the road?" haha that was a cutest question ever! "they need more fences!" haha! oh yea and then they didn't know where to get off :D they said thank you very much :0) that makes me happy! hoo!
yea Im pretty sure that my English has been getting worse and worse. Since I got back here, I haven't listened to English as much as when I was in the US of course so I need to keep my English and improve it really. What do I need to do then? liestening to English yea. But I wanna listen and hear natural English not like textbook English lol haha not !This is a pen. no more lol haha! I will see.

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yay XD

経済の小テスト受けて、まぁまぁのできでした><; northamptonで晩御飯して、毎月始めの金曜にある、昔の映画をもっかいやる奴に初めて出向いてみた♪The breakfast clubっていう、なんだかコメディーみたいな、面白かった♪結構スキ♪でも皆が笑ってるところで笑えなかったりして、それは、寂しかったヾ(`L_` )彼氏に聞いても、those are kinda old, old jokes so. って言われ。。でも分かりたいのに!みたいな気分でした笑 語学は簡単じゃないね、やっぱり。

昼から買い物に行って、Erin&Heatherのプレゼントゲット♪Erin にはカキ氷メーカー、Heatherにはpower rengerの赤のめちゃ小さい子供用の服笑 んで、帰宅してからせっせとラッピング☆今週来週にまとまって、3人のお友達の誕生日(๑→ܫ←人→ܫ←๑)だから、みんなでご飯&movie night~♪楽しかった☆Erin ままとErin ままのお友達Lucyにまた再会できてhappyなゆりち♪またおいでってゆってくれて、ほんまにまたコネチカット訪問したいなり♡゚+.♛ฺД♛ฺ) ゚+♡.みんなで集まって、ご飯とか映画とかやっぱ楽しい♪和むね♪


love love Erin Heather and Jeremy

me and Koichi, don't look at my fat... lol

Erin mom and Chris


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This weekend is actually pretty good. Recetly I have been stressed out so much. I went to Icescating with koichi, Chris, Larissa and watched movie and got drank. Also I made brownie with Erin chatted ;) That was cool. Koichi and I went to Mall to get some stuff. Finally I got the grains of coffee and paper filters so I can make my own coffee! that's awesome. but still lazy so I haven't used yet. soon >:0)


Koichi and I were icescating <3

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gonna be over


冬休み最後の一週間はルームメイトのおうちにステイ☆yay XD楽しみ☆今まで日本語使いまくってたから、これから英語の頭にスイッチ☆日本語とはおさらば(笑)なんちゃって。ほんと、思うように英語も伸びてなくて焦ってばっかり><;集中だぁ!

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winter vacation 3

Now I'm in my friend's dorm of McGill univ in Montreal, Canada. Today I got here from Queen's univ in Kingston XD I feel like I'm acrossing Canada! so great. Today's weather in Montreal was cold, I mean freezing. I thought I was gonna be frozen on the way to go to this dorm. lol but now I'm totally fine XD Here it is colder than in Kingston.
I met some really nice people in Queen's univ. They speak Scotish English. That was kinda hard to listen caz I was not used to it. but I know it was cool!! when I left there, I gave hugs each other. I love hugs so much. That makes me happy XD
I'm surprised of high taxes thou. I can't be used to it lol Tomorrow I will go shopping and go around city!! yay XD I love traveling but I miss my family in Japan, bf and my friends in UMass. I hope they enjoy their winter vacation :c)
During this Canada trip, I met 2 friends who are going to the same univ in Japan. That remainds me of some stuff that I have to think, I am supposed to think seriously about job hunting. I wonder what I have got from this studying abroad. What would be my major point? I don't know what I wanna be. I should know what I wanna do, I wanna be. I don't know. let me think.There are some that I wanna do, I wanna be. but I'm not sure if I really wanna do or not so, I might have to figure out soon. Last night I talked with friends we tried to analyze each other and that was interesting. I should start to think about getting a job and my future things. Kinda sucks but its my life so I will.


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winter vacation 2

I just came back from Europe! that was great. I went to Paris and Rome! I can't wait to go back there soon lol There are something funny happend a lot. One of the funniest things was about the bathroom. We had to pay to use bathroom and the light would be turned off automatically. That was scared but later it turned to be funny><; I had no idea about those kinda bathroom... I went to a lots of place! I walked along Saine river where is one of the best romantic place, I think. Thatreminded me of my bf <3
i wanna updated some pics but now I'm not using my computer so I'll so that later!
I love Rome so much. That was great, awesome, and beautiful! I wish I could stay much longer.
I found tons of diffeneces between Europe and America, also Japan as well. Language, people, buildings, atmosphere, everything is different. That's interesting :-)
In paris, I met UMass friend who is gonna study in Italy for the next semester, so that would be the last time to meet her. We can meet one day thou!! yay!
tomorrrow, I'm gonna go to Canada! yay!! I know its freezing><; but it should be okay!! yay

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