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Yaku Island in Kagoshima Pref ②

Guess the pictures are too much for a post lol
so from now on, wanna upload some pictures of shiratani unsuikyou!
That was awesome. We left early bc of the flight but that was an awesome decision!
No one was there so that made the forrest more gorgeous. Thank you!

■how great!


■me! relaxing!

■Princess Mononoke! No wonder Hayao Miyazaki san got inspired

■Hi, me again lol

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Yaku Island in Kagoshima Pref ①

YAY! Finally! Yaku Island 屋久島 :) YAY!

Jomon sugi is the most famous thing in Yakushima.
wasn't sure if I was able to get to see Jomon sugi but I made it <3
Luckily it didn't rain at all.
People say itd be nice too even it rains but raining makes the walk harder.

Here are the pictures I took <3

■on board


■world heritage!

■thank you, Wilson san

■with Jomon sugi!

■Hi, Kodama!

■yay we are back!

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Wakakusayama! Yes! It's always there and I remember I went up when I was young :) Tried again <3



●more to go

●the first spot

●the view from the first spot Nara

●between the first and the second

●the second spot

●more to the top of mt. Wakakusa


●I was here!

●Deer :)

●such a great day <3

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2014 March Okinawa

O・KI・NA・WA★ with Madoka, Kana and Maki. First of all, wanna thank them lots! Had so much fun there! You guys are def my best friends :D Thank you!

Aqua this time. Met up with Maki :-) It had been like 3 years since last time we hang out in Osaka??


at low tide? seriously? lol

●dropped in at BLUE SEAL,of course!

●At hotel, hotelmonterey
a view from our room. Can't be more beautiful

●Dinner at 島時間
yummy in my tummy! Okinawan foods!

●Glasses from Maki, thank you!

●Yes, Tiger Beach

●hibiscus, beautiful

●Transit Cafe :)

●Whale-watching! had fun <3

●Okinawa International Movie Festival

●sunset :)

●dinner at Sam's.

●alcohol at hotel


●on the beach cafe

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Florida 2012.10.6~13

Me and Koichi went on a trip to FL! It was so much fun as expected. Thank you very much Koichi <3 You are the best.

This time, where we went were Disney World and Miami! At Disney, we got to see Pukes, my best friend (Koichi's yonger sister, thats what Koichi says) it had been a year since last time we caught up. Thats so long. But you know what? we are the same lol hangin out with her always gives me energy! Yay! In Miami, we could relax at the beach and that was awesome <3 Thank you again.

Here are some pics :)

●first picture with Disney charactor. Goofy and Pluto

●Magic Kingdom! Yup We were here!

●@Cinderella Royal Table with Jasmine! She is just awesome!

●Dinner @ T-Rex, of course Koichi's favourite <3

●Hanabi @ Magic Kingdom Awesome.

●lunch @ Teppan Edo Thank you Pukes!

●Duffy, why are you so adrable? so happy to get to see you @ Epcot

●Is it a hidden mickey? lol Dinner @ the Grilled Garden

●My mom hates me for this. Boyz 2 men @Epcot!

●@Miami South Beach <3 Beautiful.


●Gotta love this

Again, thank you so much Koichi <3 love you <3

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Long time no see as always. Time to update.

This time me and Koichi went to LA :-) It was sooo much fun so I want to update some :p Fist of all, thank you so much Koichi :) I had so much fun <3 Love ya <3

●In 'N Out  Koichi's favourite. teehee

●Venith Beach

●Santa Monica Happy Father's day
We had Sushi burrito there :p yum. I got Kitson's bags!!

●Hollywood! Pee-Wee Herman at The Walk of Fame! Awesome!


●Pinks yum yum!

●Getty Centre Art :)

●Dodgers game! so guess what we got. Dodgers dogs :)

●Disney Land We had fun except the first 4 hours lol thanks Koichi so much

●Omlette Parlor at the Main St I gotta love this. Thank you!

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up in the air

so it's my first time to update in 2009! woot :p sorry being lazy.

today, I'm going to put the pic on here since I went to San Fran with Koichi. It was sooo much fun :D He is great as always, we had so much fun together :D such a great place :D I love SF!! Thats such a coincidence that my mom went to San Fran when she was 24 for her honeymoon, this time I went to San Fran and I am 24. Can you believe? what a coincidence!!


me and Koichi at the Golden Gate Bridge!!

I was going to update more pics but they didn't let us, oh well lol
I really had a great time over there :) Koichi took me to Napa, winery and Spa! It was sooo much fun fun <3 I love the town up there :D I love him <3

Pinot Bianco!! I love the wine. You should try it :D yay!

2009 has been treating me so nice so far :D yay! how are you? Hope yours go great :D

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Amedeo Modigliani

here we go, I went to the museum of Amedeo Modigliani which me and my mom really are interested in :D it was awesome! Beautiful!!! :D I really had a great time over there.

I like the way he drew and the color which he used. Thats really beautiful. one of his works, there is a lady who is just like my mom lol it was so funny bc the lady was like my mom. tee hee :D


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juice up

Hey Long time no update :p like always. The past weekend, I just got back from the States. This time it was only a week but I got to see so many ppl which was the reason why I went to the States.

Its us koichi and me at the Red Robin, one of my favarite restaurant. The old lady came and made the baloon hat.

This trip made me think a lot for my future really. I didn't get a chance to hang out with one of koichi's from the bank he used to work at. There was a NY branch of my company which I reraly could get in somehow. Some of my friends work in the States.

Work. Family. Friends. Japan. America.

What helps me to decide?

Some of my friends, couple started saving up some money for them so that they could get ready for their future. A friend was given the bankbook to save their money by her bf. my friend's sister's bf moved to Japan all the way from Australia so that he could show her how much he had been thinking of her. They live in Australia now, one kid who is sooo cute <3 my friend from the same univ moved to Mexico right after graduation.

How long do I want to work at this company? My department is just special in many ways. I don't know I could go through so long anymore. Somtimes its just too much and what they ask me to do is what I by myself can not. but all what they tell me is "think well"
I want to leave a way so that I can get out of this life then live happily as what I am.

Getting old sucks.

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Yesterady was the last day for work this year :) I was so exicted about it. There are some stuff left lol oh well. the next time I go work is only me and my boss oh boy. lol What am I gonna do with it? that sucks I know, should be fun lol tee hee

there is one more thing that I am excited about. In a month, I will be in the States!! omg I really can't wait to get to see my bf koichi :) Hes such a good bf <3 I really can't wait. I think I will go get another NY book then shopping in NYC!! I'm wondering if they are recording Sex and the City lol that would be great :D don't you think? The Grey's is in Seatlle so next time hopefully :-) Today I changed some money. The rate sucks lol $1 for 117 yen can you believe that? I shoudl have done that a month ago or something :( oh well. I believe its better to change at the airport and don' want to be in a rush before leaving. I just wish this time the airplane won't be late that much. Last time coming back home, it was 8-hour-delay. I was exhauseted like really lol Hope it won't happen again :) Wish me luck buddies.

wow there is a skype bottun! i think its brand new? such a good idea huh? cool :) let me try later.

A Happy New Year to you all!

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