the sivler lining

It's been a lot of things happened. Wedding party, taking some American to Kyoto which was fun by the way, taking a trip to Shikoku which was the first time for me, planning some more trips in summer and so on :) Thinking about future is not bad as expected. haha

so Kevin will be getting in Japan soon I guess. I've heard that he would be in Nagano not Nagoya. Me and my mom are thinking to go up to Nagano to get to see him :D It's been a while so we all got excited for him to come to Japan. yay!

in 3 days, I will be 3-year-worker. How crazy is it? I have to be more confident and think about things more and more. It's going to be way harder but it's worth trying and that's what I do here.

Time for bed. ciao

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2009-03-29 22:53 | myself  

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