The Body Guard

英語の話。あっ、こんな風に訳するんだ!って思ったところが多くはないけどあった!んとね、”皆ゆってるよ!”→"I've got ears." って!!ひえぇ、、そうなの?みたいな笑 後は悔しい→hate my feelとも。その時の状況がかなりあるだろうけど、かなり勉強になった!まだまだやけど、楽しかった☆また映画でお勉強しよっと♪

On Wednesday I have no class. So I watched "The Body Guard" plyed by Kevin Cosner and Whitney Houston. I love Kevin very very very much. He is so cool and good-looking. I wanna him to protect me(^^) Is it impossible.. I know :(
About Eng. Sometimes I found some interesting translation. I'm not sure caz of my lack of Eng level. But its very helpful and very good. I'll try my best!!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-06-08 21:08 | fun  

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