Go With Your Gut

yeah so this is like the one I haven't updated forever.
I have been busy from work but I'm sure its bc I am just too slow and don't know what exactly to do :( oh well. I've gotta catch up really.

2 weeks ago, we went to Ishikawa and Fukui. The important thing is "I drove too" lol haha :) Isn't that cool? After that, I don't feel so nervous when I'm driving. yay!! My dad drove first and it was crowded and I wasn't ready for driving on the highway but the next one was supposed to be easy to drive since all the time, there are no cars lol but highway, you know? lol but this time, there were more cars than we expected so that scared me a little tho. haha but we came back home and nothing bad happened so its really cool :) yay!
pics are just huge to upload here so not this time :p

Go With Your Gut
Follow Your Instincts
Hang In There

Time to get back work :p chao


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2008-04-06 09:27 | myself  

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