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Hey Long time no update :p like always. The past weekend, I just got back from the States. This time it was only a week but I got to see so many ppl which was the reason why I went to the States.

Its us koichi and me at the Red Robin, one of my favarite restaurant. The old lady came and made the baloon hat.

This trip made me think a lot for my future really. I didn't get a chance to hang out with one of koichi's from the bank he used to work at. There was a NY branch of my company which I reraly could get in somehow. Some of my friends work in the States.

Work. Family. Friends. Japan. America.

What helps me to decide?

Some of my friends, couple started saving up some money for them so that they could get ready for their future. A friend was given the bankbook to save their money by her bf. my friend's sister's bf moved to Japan all the way from Australia so that he could show her how much he had been thinking of her. They live in Australia now, one kid who is sooo cute <3 my friend from the same univ moved to Mexico right after graduation.

How long do I want to work at this company? My department is just special in many ways. I don't know I could go through so long anymore. Somtimes its just too much and what they ask me to do is what I by myself can not. but all what they tell me is "think well"
I want to leave a way so that I can get out of this life then live happily as what I am.

Getting old sucks.


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2008-02-09 13:24 | fun  

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