night owl

hey hey I'm back lol haha lately I have been busy at work. I have a big exam in Sep so I need to study for it since my bosses will know the result before me see? i have to study a lot lol

in Aug, I will get my week off, like summer vacation. since I am the new one, i can't get the same one as my family's so I will be a bit alone in that week. that sucks but a week off is always good so its okay :p hope my friends take the same week off or something. if someone had the same vacation, I would love to go travel :-) tee hee. that would be a good idea. maybe next one I will ask someone to travel with :)

this weekend, me and mom are going to Nagasaki! yeah, Kevin will be there :0) my mom is so excited about the trip and also getting to see Kevin again, her Kevin :o) tee hee :) yay! now its been raining there, so let's hope its not raining this weekend :p

time for studying again. Ciao!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2007-07-10 20:40 | myself  

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