I got it :D

yay!! congrats!! I got my driver's licence finally :D yay =) =) =) I love it tee hee. I got 93 out of 100. I wasn't sure if I could pass the exam since I hadn't studied a lot before. But some of the questions were funny that I was almost laughing during the exam. Bc one of them was like "You should get out of the car when the break doesn't work on the road. Yes? No?" Can you believe that? thats funny and wanna know who got wrong that one lol but I'm really happy that now I have my own driver's licence!! yay :D :D :D My mom, bro do not want to go drive with me, bc they are worried abot me driving!! omg, I know I'm a good driver lol haha can't wait to drive my VOLVO I mean not "MY" volvo :( haha :D okay I wanted to update that I got the driver's licence :D :D :D yay :D :D :D If you need a ride, let me know bleh

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-12-18 20:29 | myself  

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