hey I have been busy with driving school, thesis, and part time job. I got some time so wanted to update :D

Lately, I pretty much go to the driving school and then work, school and stuff. I really need to work on thesis so bad but I just don't want lol My thesis will be something about labor market especially in the States. I took a lecture which is called "labor in the American economy" and that was fun and interesting so :D I hope it goes okay :D My prof gave me some infor about the reference so it should be okay :D

I can't believe,,, I have to do a poop check!! oh man! I haven't done that before. I am working at the cafe and selling cookies, and so on so they ask us to do that just in case lol oh my. Are you serious? lol

Driving is fun really :D I love it. I really want to get the licence asap! so that I can go driving :D yay <3 I wish the gas wasn't that expensive :(

okay here is a pic when I went to KG festival! That was fun and I enjoyed with Julie <3


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-11-05 19:35 | myself  

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