22 years old <3

yea now I'm 22 years old :-) thank you for the b-day wishes!! I love you all <3

I got a package from Koichi :-) In it, there are DVDs, pjs, advils, vitamins, bandage, candy from Koichi, Erin, Heather, Jeremy, and Chris :-) That was so sweet of them. That made me ultra happy!! lately I have been enjoying the Laguna Beach and taking vitamins and advils, and eating candy!! sounds like I'm in Thatcher!!!! but I'm not :( I love them so much!! I do want to meet them and want them to give me huge hugs!! I need that :-)

Today I went to KG for registration for this semester. I'll be taking an English course and an Econ class. thats it. I think thats all I need :-) yay XD

When I was waiting for the trains, I found that the girl next me was my friend from juniour high! Isn't that cool? yea I know! Me and her were surprised that we run into :-) That was nice talking to her :-) yay!

time for Laguna Beach :-) yay XD


birthday cake <3<3<3

Koichi and spongebob :-)

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-09-19 19:58 | myself  

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