hey today I called koichi and thats why I'm happy now yay XD I woke him up and felt bad for him but I'm happy lol sorry koichi!

I will go take another interview whici will be the last for the company. When I got their call, the interviewer told me that he thought he wants to work with me together. That's nice to hear and I'm happy that he thought in that way! but there are other companies that I've applied for and I don't wanna stop jobhunting at least for those companies. But the company whichi I'm going to take the last interview told me if they made up their mind to hire me then stop doing the job-hunting. I don't know if its really what I want to do in my future. So I might keep doing the job-hunting. ( as long as they want to hire me tho lol) I know I'm a bitch but I don't wanna feel Ishold of so.
Everything goes well!

I went to junior high and high school yersterday to play basketball with them :) that was good I didn't play like a few years anymore tho but still had fun there. There are 3 junior high kids coming up to me and asked "we want to be way taller so that we will be good basktball players!" so cute! if I knew how to be taller, I would be way taller lol so I told them to use being short :-) and then find one that you can say its yours. No one can imitate :) they are so cute! They are so tiny and smaller than me and they look like baby ducks :-) wait, so am I like duck?! not chicks anymore? thats sad lol haha!
okay I think I'd better go :) me and my mom need to watch the volleyball game! hoo!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-08-27 22:09 | myself  

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