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yay today I got some chances to talk and listen to English :D yay XD
I was waiting for my train at teh station and there were 2 ladies next me and they were talking in English and Jap, one of them is from Alaska and the other is Japanese granny :) I wanna be like her! I am wondering how she keeps her Egnlish and we started talking each other :) yay :) It was nice talking with them :D
When I was on the bus, there were 2 guys dad and son who don't look like Japanese and spoke not American English but English. They seemed to come visit Nara and go to Todaiji Tenmple. The dad was like " do the deer come and stop midlle of the road?" haha that was a cutest question ever! "they need more fences!" haha! oh yea and then they didn't know where to get off :D they said thank you very much :0) that makes me happy! hoo!
yea Im pretty sure that my English has been getting worse and worse. Since I got back here, I haven't listened to English as much as when I was in the US of course so I need to keep my English and improve it really. What do I need to do then? liestening to English yea. But I wanna listen and hear natural English not like textbook English lol haha not !This is a pen. no more lol haha! I will see.

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-08-23 18:58 | fun  

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