today I was just around at my home with my bro and chilled out. that was pretty good actually. we went to Mc haha that was fun. we talked about why I couldn't get a job so far and stuff like job-hunting. I think I will get on eventually but when? you know haha its freaking summer and today again I got the bad infor from a company that I took a GD last week. BUT don't know why that made me think "everything should work out" yea I just have to search job more and know what I really want to do in my future and stuff. yea thats pretty much what I have to do right now. Tomorrow I'll go meet kids who are goin to UMass next year. I wanna go back there too and have fun with my bf and best friends!! that would be so much fun! hoo they will be leaving soon and that makes me sad, feel I'll be alone. haha "you are me across the world" so its okay :] we are always together yay XD
now I can think I'll be fine and I'll be fine really :D yea yea I talked with friends from UMass and one of them got a job for 3 months but thats what she wants so thats cool :D she is so nice all the time makes mee laugh and I like her yay.

okay dinner time for yuriko family! bye~~~

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-08-07 19:39 | myself  

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