happy and sad

2 days ago, Erin gave me a card and cute jewely :) that was so sweet of her. She made me so happy that I was crying. I really had a good time with her. We all the time talk about like poop and fart things. I didn't expect that I would be ablt to talk about those things here America. You are me across the world. It was Japan when we first met. 1year has passed i think. omg time passes so fast. I just wanna enjoy the reat of life here.

Bad thing happened to me yesterday. When I was eating a piece of candies, I heard something wierd in my mouth. I broke my tooth. That makes me nervous and scared. I didn't know what I should do at that time. I just wanted to cry. I was confused. I told that to Kevin and also I wanted to go to a dentist even I didn't have any insuranse for the dentists. I thought it was emergency. the tooth was what I found that it was a cavaty for about 3 months ago. That's sad. I made an appointment to go to dentist and I told that to my mom last night and this morning. She asked me if I could wait until back to Japan. I don't know what I should do still now. I kinda think like I don't have to go now. but I wanna know what 's going on with my bad tooth or teeth. It's gonan be freaking expensive and if I need to take root out, I don't know. I will freak out. I'll see...

Erinにもらったカードとピアス☆めちゃかわいぃ☆(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪最高☆もうちょっとしたら変更できると思うから、絶対つける☆koichi's sister, Martha, Erinにもらったピアス☆変えるん、楽しみ♪ひぃひぃ☆

I don't know what I should do about my bad tooth...

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-04-29 05:12 | myself  

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