Yesterday was friend's birthday so friends made a browny for her and I gave her a birthday card :) other friends will turn 21 soon so I am thinking about getting something special for them <3 They are cool <3 I'm wondering what I should get...


Today is the due day for an art portfolio, midterm. That was much harder than expected, took long time. yesterday finally I finished drawing so it's okay ;) Friday i have a 15-minute quiz for econ class but we are suposed to read chp3 to chp 10 besides chp4 for the quiz lol omg it will take forever. its actually about Japanese "economics", but the book is about Japanese culture like bowing, respecting and so on. It should be fine.


recently i have been so stressed out and been depressed again. But try thiking not looking down side but up side( light side?) Everytime I get depressed, its really hard to think like possitive. I realized that everytime the problem that makes me worried, sad, nervous is the same. i have not sloved the same problem all the time. I think I just try not to facing myself, avoiding from hardships. I thought that would be easier. But its not. i was just trying not hard. I try making myself look trying harder. I wanna say thank you to whom make me realize it :) My mom told me not to try so hard to do everything better. Everything goes well. Koichi made me happy all the time. Friends are always here with me and make me laugh lol i have to stop looking down side. that can not make abything better. And then I ban smile again :)

週末とうとうやっとピアス開けた♪今回は膿まないようにきっちりお手入れして、成功させるぞ♪ふふふ。もう一個開けたかったけど、膿むの心配やったし、痛さも倍増やろうから、落ち着いたら開けようかと考え中。でも帰ってスーツにそのピアスはどうかと思われて、まだ開けるかやっぱわからんな><;でも可能性はありです♪芸術の中間試験、やっと出来上がり!芸術ってやってるときはめちゃ楽しいけど、時間めちゃとるし、いっちょまえに疲れるからガクってくる、結構。でもスキやからいいねんけどね♪でも、この荷物どうやって持って帰ろう?捨てたくないし。そろそろ帰国の事考えないと><;最後の試験が25日やから、ほんまにぎりぎりにしか帰れない><;帰国したらソッコウ大学行って、手続き><;ひぃ。。色々ばたばたするなぁ。。もうそろそろ帰りの荷物送り始めた方がいいんかな??ふぅ。。こっちで買ったスーツケース、取っ手のとこ、壊れたし、、、最低><;でも何とか方法考えないと=3 母の言うとおり、頑張ろう頑張ろうって思いすぎたらそれにやられて、っていうか、それに疲れてしまって、結果オウライにならんのね。いっつも同じトコでつまずいてばっかり。ちょっとは成長しろ、ゆりこ!ははは :p  色んな人から手紙やメール、チャットもらって、元気になった♪(○゚ε^○)v ィェィ♪ありがとう!

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