winter vacation 3

Now I'm in my friend's dorm of McGill univ in Montreal, Canada. Today I got here from Queen's univ in Kingston XD I feel like I'm acrossing Canada! so great. Today's weather in Montreal was cold, I mean freezing. I thought I was gonna be frozen on the way to go to this dorm. lol but now I'm totally fine XD Here it is colder than in Kingston.
I met some really nice people in Queen's univ. They speak Scotish English. That was kinda hard to listen caz I was not used to it. but I know it was cool!! when I left there, I gave hugs each other. I love hugs so much. That makes me happy XD
I'm surprised of high taxes thou. I can't be used to it lol Tomorrow I will go shopping and go around city!! yay XD I love traveling but I miss my family in Japan, bf and my friends in UMass. I hope they enjoy their winter vacation :c)
During this Canada trip, I met 2 friends who are going to the same univ in Japan. That remainds me of some stuff that I have to think, I am supposed to think seriously about job hunting. I wonder what I have got from this studying abroad. What would be my major point? I don't know what I wanna be. I should know what I wanna do, I wanna be. I don't know. let me think.There are some that I wanna do, I wanna be. but I'm not sure if I really wanna do or not so, I might have to figure out soon. Last night I talked with friends we tried to analyze each other and that was interesting. I should start to think about getting a job and my future things. Kinda sucks but its my life so I will.


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2006-01-17 14:52 | fun  

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