Happy Halloween! Yay! My friend made spongebob costume and friends helped to make. I'm SOOOO happy. I don't know how can I express how much happy I am, how much I thank them XD They are awesome! We went to the costume party(club) and my friend won 1st prize! That's AWESOME!!

楽しかったな☆日本でもハロウィーンもっと盛大にしたいなぁ♪that would be much fun!とか思いつつ、I gotta study again... I have another mid-term. I'll do my best.

I love Chris! he is so nice and really good at mking costumes! Thank you very much :)

This is YURISQUAREPANTS Chris made it for me!! Erin and everyone else helped finish on time. I'm really happy to be spongebob!! Thank you!!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-11-01 16:38 | fun  

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