Yes, I will <3

Yes, I will

yay <3 Koichi came here :) It was such a good time as always. We've been to Tokyo together, hung out with Ken-san, Momoko-san and Kouki, who got bigger and cuter!! And also Kawamura family too :) They are always nice :) Glad we got to know them. Thank you Koichi <3

●at the cafe we had lunch in Nara

●it's been a while to get to see deer in Nara park. so cute!

●micheline 3 stars! Jiro one day we will have dinner there!

●super long line at Egg's n Things so we went to,,,

●Jonathan's! of course!

●Hooters! in Osaka lol and then Hard Rock Cafe. American night lol

Again, thank you so much Koichi <3 we will be together soon, ne <3 Love you!

by y_u_b_o0912 | 2013-12-30 23:16 | <3  

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