Osaka King & Tokae festival

I went to Osaka King with my friends. It is the same as the much bigger school festival. There were lots of games, shops and food like ice cream, Takoyaki and so on. We were crazy about getting 44 stamps around there. If you correct all of 44 stamps, you can get the badge of good luck. In the afternoon, suddenly it started raining. We all were under the tents. In stead of the happening, we got the memorial badge of good luck.
d0033492_020083.jpg I found the clover with four leaves, with good luck. It was very cute.

It was too hot but a lot of people were there. How nice people are in Osaka. I like their friendlyness and kindness. Sometimes people say people in Osaka is hurried,and impatience. But they care others too.

At night with my parents, I went to Nara Park to visit Tokae festival. Today was the first day of this year. Nara Park, Ukimido, Asachigahara, Ukigumoenchi were fulled with tiny beautiful lights. Those made Nara attractive. There were lots and lots of people. I recommend you to come to Nara during the term of this festival. Not so many food or playing stores are there, so I can stay there with silence.
d0033492_0251936.jpg I found this beautiful view. No sooner did I find than I took the pic.

This was made by bambooand some lights. This is why the brightness in Nara. I wish you are coming to Nara soon:)



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