home party

There was the party with teacher of English and us students of his English class in last semester at his house. We like him a lot because of his personality, charactaristics I think. He is very smart. When I talk in my bad English, he always tries to understand what I wanted to say.

Steve's girl friend, Fumisan was preparing a lot of delicious food. I was very happy when I heard that she went back from the job earlier. Steve sensei said she would be so excited about the home party!! How happy we were!! She is very good at cook. We really had a enjoyable time with her. She is very attractive and friendsly. She likes Arabic music and we tried listening, the 4 cats, it is also same as Spicy Girls in America!! Thatz great!! I wanna buy that one too. You should listen that music, if you don't know.

We played an interesting game!! It required a little English vocabularies. We made 4 groups and in order to make one know the words exactly, the other helped one find out with some gestures, maps and anything you can use without saying. Itz very very funny. I wanna show you some vocabularies we did. Japan, Coco Chanel, Celine Dion, lesbian, 007, white, KLT and Spike Lee , Toto and so on. I like their gestures、dancing, jumping, imitating and so on. We ca use all things in the room to let the other find out the words. I was the last team to win :( but we excited a lot!!

Thank you for your kindness. When I come back from America, I wanna have another home party. I'm happy to meet Steve sensei, Fumisan and other classmates with his English class. I hope my English will be better than him:p just hope:-) Thank you all!!


先生の彼女さん、ふみさんは、早めにいお仕事切り上げて、とってもとってもおいしいご飯をたっくさん作ってくれたのです♪それを聞いた時、めちゃくちゃ嬉しくって、幸せぇぇぇ☆って思っちゃった。すっごい素敵な方でスティヴと仲良し♪お似合いだぁ☆ふみさんのお勧め、アラビック音楽はとっても良かった☆聞いてなかったら、絶対聞くべき!!4 キャッツっていう、アメリカのスパイシーガールズに匹敵する、グループの音楽にユリたちもはまちゃった笑 




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