short-term job

I've finished my exams already, just three (^^) So I started to work, I mean, short term part time job. I don't know hot to call it in English. And I was put into the MEIJI company. What I do there is not so hard, just deviding some kinds of goods and put them different baskets. But what I saw there is very interesting. I have never seen inside the plant. A lot of goods are there, and some big machines work out. Those commands are going to the store where we buy them. When I saw the first time, I was surprised. Too big><; and everything, everyone are so quick.
I worked with some other workers, of course we don't know each other. I met almost 10 ladies. Very interesting. There are lots verious people. During the work, we were enjoying the chatting. ftreeter, wife, university students and so on. I wanna meet them again and talk more (>^_^<) The income per hour is not so high enough, but I can find sth in the plant and enjoy the chatting, so it's okay!!


by y_u_b_o0912 | 2005-07-21 21:53 | fun  

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